Brothers Jason and Travis Kelce revolutionize the NFL and culture with their performances on and off the field of play

Brothers Jason and Travis Kelce revolutionize the NFL and culture with their performances on and off the field of play

Kansas City, Missouri — Good luck going anywhere these days without having heard or seen something about the center of the Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce or his younger brother, Travis Kelce, the star tight end and Super Bowl champion with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The former was recently labeled one of the “sexiest men in the world” by “People” magazine. The latter is dating the pop superstar Taylor Swift.

Together they host one of the most listened to podcasts in America, lending their voices to a Christmas album about Philadelphia, and have transcended the NFL to become pop culture icons in their own weight.

Even the family’s matriarch, Donna Kelce, has become the focus of commercial ads in the past 12 months.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” admitted Jason Kelce, who will try once again to beat Travis and the Chiefs for the first time when the Eagles visit Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night to repeat the most recent superbowl.

“You can say it started last year with the podcast and everything else, and I think it has continued to grow from strength to strength.”

Everything accelerated since the Chiefs came back to defeat the Eagles and lift the Lombardi Trophy in February.

From then on, many football fans became hooked on their podcast, “New Heights, with Jason and Travis Kelce,” where the duo provided a glimpse into their lives behind the helmet. The Kelces talk about everything from what happened that week in the NFL to what has happened in the world of television and entertainment, all with a great sense of humor.

Suddenly, the Kelce brothers were appearing on late-night television shows and playing in made-for-TV golf shows. Likewise, they have raised millions of dollars for charitable causes. And they have also been seen rubbing shoulders with Hollywood showbiz figures.

The Kelce brothers – even though they play two of the least flashy positions in football – have no doubt attracted countless sports fans with their extracurricular activities.

The Eagles are 8-1 leading the NFC entering this week, while the Chiefs are 7-2 and atop the AFC. Although both teams still have a long way to go, it wouldn’t be surprising if they meet again in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

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