Pope asks for prayers for “Ukrainian and Russian mothers” who have lost their children

The Pope has asked for prayers for “the Ukrainian and Russian mothers” of the soldiers killed in Ukraine and noted that “they have lost their sons” and, therefore, pay with their lives “the price of war.”

At the end of the Sunday Angelus prayer, he wanted to remember “the Ukrainian brothers and sisters” who “suffer so much”, who spend “this Christmas in war, without light, without heat”.

In the same way, before hundreds of faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, he asked: “Do not forget them”.

“And today, seeing Our Lady carrying the child in her arms in the manger, nursing him, I think of the mothers of the victims of war, of the soldiers who have fallen in this war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian mothers and the Russian mothers,” he emphasized.

In this regard, he has reminded that both have lost their children. “This is the price of war, let us pray for the mothers who have lost their soldier sons, be they Ukrainian or Russian,” he concluded.



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