15 salsa songs that were revived in the Banco Popular Special

15 salsa songs that were revived in the Banco Popular Special

On Sunday night the traditional special of the popular Bankcalled on this occasion “Salsa: flavor and evolution” which, as its title indicates, was dedicated entirely to this tropical rhythm.

This almost one-hour special fulfilled its mission of creating an entertaining product, of high musical and visual quality, which included an exceptional narrative that evoked nostalgia, national pride and the Latin gene that we all carry inside.

The dynamic format with which it was published included documentary and historical spaces where the beginnings of salsa were woven, until taking it through the decades of 1970, 1980 and 1900, until bringing it to our days. These blocks spoken by singers, musicians, historians and related personalities, such as Gilberto Santa RosaOscar D’Leon, Willie Colon, La India and Luis Enrique, was complemented with 15 songs of tropical rhythmsmostly salsa, which were the protagonists of this historical document.

In total there were 15 songs that were “revived” in “Salsa: flavor and evolution”, sung by legends of the genre, as well as by new and young exponents who seek to keep this music alive. These were the songs, with modern arrangements, that were enjoyed during the special:

“Oh, how delicious.”

The original version of this boogaloo was heard on the album “Champagne” (1968) by Eddie Palmieri and His Orchestra. It was sung by the sonero Domingo Quinones and the urban artist Rafa Pabonwhich seemed like a nod to the new generations who love the urban genre so much and sending the message that both rhythms can coexist.


Performed in the special by the Cuban Aymee Nuviola and the boricua Pirulothis song appeared for the first time on the album “Tremendo cache” (1975) by Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz.


Original album Cortijo and its Combo with Ismael Rivera“Fiesta Boricua” (1958), the song was sung on this occasion by the salseros Choco Orta and Jose Alberto “El Canario”.

“Cui Cui”

Sung on this occasion by Luis Vazquez and the musician David Riverawas recorded in 1973 by Roberto Rohena and his Apollo Sound for album #5 and which was sung on that occasion by Sammy Rolo Garcia.


This 1963 classic appeared on the album of the same name recorded by the Great Combo of Puerto Rico and that was accompanied by the voice of the legendary Pellin Rodriguez. This version featured the participation of the Puerto Rican percussionist Zayra Polaalong with the Puerto Rican timbalero and singer Manolito Rodriguez.

“Let it know”

It also featured the voices and music of Luis Vazquez, David Rivera, Zayra Pola and Manolito Rodriguez. This song, another classic of Roberto Rohena and his Apollo Soundalso appeared on album #5 of 1973.

“Consciousness”, “Let yourself be loved” and “Rain”

Gilberto Santa Rosa He was the only singer who appeared in the special who sang his own songs. In the case of “Conciencia”, it was part of the album “Perspectiva” (1991), “Dejate Querer” was on the album “Expresion” (1999) and “Lluvia” is a version that was recorded live at a concert in Santa Rosa in 2019, but it appeared for the first time on the album “Nuevos horizons” (1984) by maestro Willie Rosario.

“The wheel”

Performed for the Banco Popular special by the Puerto Rican sonero Willito Otero and by the singer and actress Karla Marie“La Rueda” was part of the album “Reencuentro” (1992) by the late salsero Frankie Ruiz.

“Only shadows”

The Nicaraguan Luis Enrique was in charge of performing a tropical version of the song “Sombras nada mas,” which was popularized in the 1960s by the Mexican Javier Soliswho used to do it in the rhythm of bolero and ranchera.

“Fire in the 23rd”

Performed by the Arecibean sonero Luisito Carrionand the trumpeter from Ponce Jota Ruiz“Fuego en el 23″ is a classic that appeared on the album of the same name, in 1970, by the Sonora Poncena.


Referring to the Christmas albums that were recorded by countless salsa orchestras, the song “Congratulations” was performed by the singers Michael Stuart and Norberto Velezaccompanied by the Puerto Rican Cuatrista Fabiola Mendez. This song appeared on the album “Felicidades”, recorded by Cheo Feliciano in 1973.

“It was worth it”

During the special, they made reference to the contribution of the singer Marc Anthony, so the Puerto Rican salsa singers Luis Figueroa and Merari Rivera, who are currently making their way. This song was released on the album “Amor without lies” in 2004.


The Banco Popular special closed with the song ‘Siembra’, recorded in 1978 by the orchestra of Willie Colon and performed by the Panamanian Ruben Blades. On this occasion, it was sung by the Venezuelan legend Oscar D’Leonas well as for India and Jeremy Bosch.

Something that this documentary made clear is that salsa is not only alive thanks to the memories and works that many artists left over time, but it is a rhythm that has validity and a future. Of course, it needs the public to support all the projects that are often done, especially those that seek to make their way.

“Salsa: flavor and evolution” can be seen for 24 hours on the Banco Popular website or through YouTube.

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