About Kumneger Media and Entertainment PLC
Kumneger Media: came into the scene in 2002 published by kumneger media & Entertainment Plc, with a different style and content covering various issue and information sectors including the Environment, Health, Culture, Literature, and Books etc.
The magazine mainly focuses on culture , Health and business but other related stories side by side with in-depth interviews and the life experiences of prominent personalities both Ethiopian and foreign, sharing their lives/feelings with our readers. We have been in the business for the last 16 years.
The company is registered by the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade registration number 1224/2002 and the Ethiopia Broadcasting Authority registration number 06/2002.

Our Vision

To see Ethiopian is one of Africa’s leading media broadcasters. The media will serve the public by informing, influencing, educating and entertaining. The journalists working globally accepted journalism values, principles, basics and ethics apply to all media and media practitioners.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Moving Ethiopian private press to the next era. Kumneger media & Entertainment Plc aims to show a better balanced and multifaceted image of the Ethiopia business environment and culture. It is self-evident that Ethiopia’s environment and climate have enormous potential for reforms and growth.

We are convinced that news, depth interviews, analysis stories, photographs and documentaries about Ethiopia’s natural resources and social heroes need to be much more available to the readers.