16 days to insist on the eradication of gender violence: “Our silence increases the risk for victims”

16 days to insist on the eradication of gender violence: “Our silence increases the risk for victims”

In a year in which 63 women have been murdered so far on the island, the College of Social Work Professionals of Puerto Ricoin alliance with more than 20 organizations, presented the campaign this Tuesday 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violenceas well as a socio-educational guide with reference resources to prevent and eliminate this type of behavior.

The 16 days of activism, which begins this Saturday, constitute an international effort to that individuals and groups call to eradicate all forms of gender violenceraise awareness about this issue and provide a forum for organizations to develop and share strategies.

The former president of the College of Social Work Professionals Mabel Lopez Ortiz He emphasized that, this year, the campaign focuses on the need to urgently develop and implement strategies aimed at preventing gender violence.

“The complex social reality we live in requires collective actions and solidarity,” said Lopez Ortiz.

The initiative takes place between the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is celebrated every November 25, and Human Rights Day, which is commemorated on December 10.

According to data from the Gender Equality Observatory, 63 women have been murdered this year. Of these, 19 have died at the hands of their partner or ex-partner, which is classified as a “intimate femicide”. Two of these incidents were reported at the beginning of the month, in Bayamon and Lares.

“There are alternatives on the table that require willingness to take action from the State, social institutions and citizens. Exposing the harmful effects on the health and quality of life of our people due to violence linked to machismo and patriarchy cannot continue to be postponed.”, stressed the social worker.

Since 2012, the Permanent Commission on Human Rights of the College of Social Work Professionals has joined this international campaign launched by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) in 1991.

Among the organizations that have joined the effort this year are Proyecto Matria, Caderamen, the Office of Court Administration (OAT), Ana G. Mendez University, Siempre Vivas Metro, Coordinadora Paz para las Mujeres, Kilometro 0, Casa Albizu, Center for Help for Victims of Rape, College of Lawyers, the Gender Equality Observatory and Educamos.

Complete educational guide

Year after year, we certainly see an increase in awareness of this type of violence and a greater determination to reject it, but we need to achieve more. “We continue to live in a state of emergency due to violence against women,” he recalled. Tania Rosario Mendezexecutive director of Taller Salud.

Rosario Mendez stressed that the commitment to eradicate gender violence begins in homes, but extends to family, work and friendship relationships. “There are 16 days in which to express your feelings, in which to express your rejection of violence and your commitment to its eradication,” she added.

For these 16 days, a calendar of community and educational activities was established. The day will close with the Human Rights Community Festival, on December 8, in the Rio Piedras recreation plaza, starting at noon. Attendees will be able to enjoy art exhibitions, discussions and activities for children.

“We cannot ignore violence, because our silence increases the risk for victims”Rosario Mendez remarked.

Regarding the socio-educational guide prepared by the Women and Gender Affairs Commission of the social workers entity, Lopez Ortiz indicated that it includes reference materials, activities and resources to reinforce the call to eliminate sexist violence.

The document addresses, for example, gender vulnerabilities to HIV, neurodiversity in the dynamics of violence, structural violence against racialized women, signs of violence during dating relationships, Housing problems and how they affect power dynamics in violencethe importance of play to minimize violence, sexual and reproductive rights, and responsible and healthy masculinity, among others.

“We continue to persist, insist and resist, because we do believe that a better country is possible, because we believe that we can eradicate gender violence, and Our wills, our voices, will never be silent again.“said the Taller Salud spokesperson.

To obtain a copy of the guide and more information about the planned activities, those interested can access the following link: https://cptspr.org/16-dias/

Both the Police and the Office of the Women’s Advocate They have tools to confidentially address any accusation or complaint about a pattern of abuse, mistreatment or a situation of gender violence. If you are or know a person who is going through a similar pattern, you can contact the Police at (787) 792-6734 or (787) 343-2020, as well as the Office of the Women’s Ombudsman at (787) 722-2977 .

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