22 years have passed and this is what the first girlfriend of ‘Pedro the Scaly’ looks like

22 years have passed and this is what the first girlfriend of ‘Pedro the Scaly’ looks like

‘Peter the Scaly’ was a Colombian soap opera that originally premiered in 2001, since its debut, more than two decades ago, the charismatic character played by Miguel Varoni He stole the hearts of Colombians.

The success of the soap opera lies in its ability to combine comedy, drama and a captivating story, starring ‘Pedro Coral’, who in several attempts to overcome his financial problems is filled with adventures and misadventures.

However, ‘Pedro Coral’ was not the only character in this story, since his love relationships and the problems he faced to get ahead and conquer the ‘love of his life’ were a fundamental part of the plot.

One of the actresses who went most unnoticed during production was Zulma Rey, who at only 13 years old, played ‘Veronica’with this character she made her acting debut as ‘Pedrito’s’ first girlfriend, when they were in school.

In a recent interview, the woman told her experience in that successful Colombian soap opera, she stated: “I have had to win all the roles at castings, so at that time I had to play Pedro’s first girlfriend at school.”

In the video shared on TikTok they show the scene where Pedro Coral Tavera remembers his girlfriend, the two young people are seen at school and how he gives her a letter where he declares his love for her. “prettiest girl in the room.”

When Veronica reads the letter, she does not think twice and complains about the bad spelling, as she assures that Pedro wrote: “About this: ‘You are the prettiest in the room and that’s why you got into my ‘heart’. I love you. ‘I wolf you’. Hey, you’re like a brute, right? Heart, it is with a zeta and I love you, it is written with a small v.”

What happened to Zulma Rey?

Zulma Katherine Ortiz Rey is a Colombian actress who was born in Bogota on January 30, 1988, currently He is 35 years old. She is known in Creole entertainment and social networks as Zulma Rey, who in recent months has conquered the hearts of Colombians with her participation in the cooking reality show. MasterChef Celebrity.

Very little is known about the personal life of celebrities, however, it is known that the Bogota actress has a romantic relationship with the actor as well. Andres Fierrowho is recognized for giving life to ‘Esteban’ in the remembered soap opera ‘Padres e Hijos’.

The celebrities have been dating for several years, and through different social networks they frequently demonstrate their love. Likewise, their relationship has been the protagonist of several scandals that have had great significance on virtual platforms.

Peter the Scaly will return to the screen in 2024

Recently, Caracol Television and Disney + announced the second season of ‘Peter the Scaly’, this production would return to the screens 22 years after its debut. Likewise, they announced that the new installment of this remembered soap opera is already in production, which will also feature the participation of Miguel Varoni playing the iconic ‘Pedro Coral’.

”Disney+ and Caracol Television announce that the long-awaited sequel to Pedro El Escamoso, the successful soap opera that reached more than 105 countries thanks to an unconventional hero played by the renowned actor and producer Miguel Varoni, is now in production,” he wrote. Caracol TV in the official announcement.

It is known that this second installment aims to continue with the original story and would tell the return of ‘Pedro’ to Colombia, as he was forced to live for more than 20 years abroad and upon returning to his country he faces a completely different reality. to which he left and will have to adapt.

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