$319,000 allocated to Puerto Rico to monitor water quality on beaches

9,000 allocated to Puerto Rico to monitor water quality on beaches

The United States Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Thursday a $319,000 grant aimed at maintaining water quality in the Beaches and protect the health of Puerto Rico’s bathers.

The grant will allow aquatic monitoring programs to be carried out, as well as initiatives to inform the public about the beaches.

In this regard, financing also It serves to warn the population if the levels of bacteria detected in the monitoring are too high to guarantee the health of bathers.

According to the EPA, the factors that influenced the amount of the grant for the island were the length of the beach season, the number of miles of coastline and coastal populations.

Under the Beach Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Law (BEACH), the federal agency awards grants to state applicants and eligible indigenous or territorial nations to help monitor water quality on beaches, as well as in Great Lakes of the United States.

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