76-year-old woman scammed for $500 in Canovanas

76-year-old woman scammed for 0 in Canovanas

A A septuagenarian reported on Wednesday that she had been the victim of fraud On July 4th, at his residence in the Campo Rico neighborhood of Canovanasreported the Police Bureau (NPPR).

According to the 76-year-old complainant, An unknown person came to the balcony of his residence at around 6:00 p.m. that day and told him that he was a collector for a banking institution..

The man told her that she was the co-signer of a vehicle with several overdue payments and that she had to pay $500 as a surcharge. Immediately afterwards, The victim looked for the cash and gave it to the subject..

However, the individual left the place without giving her any proof of having received the money, which seemed suspicious to the victim.

The septuagenarian then informed the authorities.

He Agent Roberto Ramos investigated preliminarily and referred the case to the staff of the Property and Fraud Division of the CIC from Carolina to continue with the investigation into its substance.

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