A federal judge sentences a partner of Walter and Eduardo Pierluisi to three years and one month in prison

Federal judge Camile Velez Rive sentenced him to three years and one month in prison. David Velez Hernandez, after pleading guilty in the same case of Eduardo and Walter Pierliuisi Isern, cousins ​​of Governor Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia.

Velez Hernandez appeared in the courtroom in Hato Rey accompanied by his lawyer Juan R. Acevedo Cruz, who requested that the minimum established by the sentencing guidelines of 37 months in prison be applied.

Meanwhile, the federal prosecutor in the case is Marie Christine Amy, who requested 46 months in prison, which was the maximum established by the guidelines that the parties stipulated.

The federal prosecutor’s office accused Velez Hernandez and the Pielruisi Isern brothers in April of this year of stealing over $3.7 million in federal funds between 2014 and 2022.

The three, along with the American Management and Administration Corporation (AMAC), waived their right to be accused through a statement prepared by a grand jury and, that same day, their lawyers filed motions after reaching agreements with the federal prosecutor’s office.

Last July, the Pierluisi Isern brothers were sentenced by Judge Velez Rive.

Walter Pierluisi Isern, who chaired AMAC, received a sentence of three years and seven months in prison, to be followed by another two years of supervised release.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Pierluisi Isern must spend two years in prison, plus two years under supervised release.

For his part, Velez Hernandez was the financial director of AMAC, while Pierluisi Isern was the president of the company during the scheme of illegal appropriation of funds in the period in which it managed 34 public residential complexes.

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