A light layer of Saharan dust is recorded in the region

A light layer of Saharan dust is recorded in the region

He National Meteorological Service (SNM) does not rule out that tomorrow, Sunday, the presence of a slight layer of Saharan dust driven by a change in wind direction.

In a telephone interview with The new daythe meteorologist Cecille Villanueva explained that the event is “a bit atypical for this season.”

“(Today) there was presence of Sahara dust, slight concentrations. It was seen that the visibilities dropped a little, but not to the level that would affect our local area so much. Even so, with these concentrations, sensitive populations could have felt the presence of Saharan dust, but it is a bit atypical for this season,” express.

When asked what caused this particular event, Villanueva indicated that the dust from the Sahara is always being carried by the trade winds.

“Throughout the year, it usually stays further south of us, outside of the typical months, but a change in wind could bring all that concentration of Saharan dust towards us. Generally, all year round the dust from the Sahara is transported in the Atlantic, but at this time – December and January – it remains south of us, but when the winds change, these episodes could occur,” he said.

Given this, he recommended that sensitive people – including those who suffer from asthma – be very careful and keep their medications up to date.

“These populations will tend to have more knowledge in this type of situation, but when it is at this mild level, those who are affected are mostly the most sensitive populations,” he claimed.

Windy conditions have prevailed

Likewise, the SNM reported that “windy conditions have prevailed today” and? “Gusts of up to 40 mph (miles per hour) have been reported in the mountains in the municipality of Utuado.”

“Weather conditions are going to remain mostly stable. The rains associated with the frontal system would be seen, mostly, for the Mona Passage and perhaps some approaching closer to the coast in the coming days. For the moment, for the most part, for almost the entire Island it will remain relatively stable with passing showers,” Villanueva said.

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