A motorcyclist dies after hitting a vehicle in Moca

The Police are investigating the death of a motorcyclist reported this morning, in Moca, after he failed to stop at a red light and hit a vehicle.

Aguadillas Highway Patrol personnel reported that the accident occurred on PR-111, intersection with Villa Soto Street, in the Pueblo neighborhood of the aforementioned municipality.

At around 12:33 am today, Wednesday, Jonathan Rodriguez Rivera, 31 years old and who did not have a driver’s license, was traveling in a black motorboat when he hit a Jeep Grand Cherokee bus from the side. At the time of impact, the 84-year-old driver of the Grand Cherokee was making a left turn, with the green light in his favor, according to the preliminary police report.

Rodriguez Rivera suffered serious injuries in the accident, which caused his death on the spot.

The bus driver tested 0% alcohol in his system in a breath test that was performed.

Agent Jose Velazquez, supervised by Sergeant Jose Cordero, together with prosecutor Paola Reyes and agent Marilyn Cortes, from Technical Services, took charge of the investigation.

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