A shipment of fireworks whose estimated value could amount to $600,000 is seized in Guaynabo

A shipment of fireworks whose estimated value could amount to 0,000 is seized in Guaynabo

Intelligence and Arrest Division Agents Police Bureau They seized, on this Friday afternoon, two cars full of different types of fireworks during an intervention carried out in the Santa Rosa III neighborhood, in Guaynabo.

The Uniformed Party indicated, through written statements, that It is “the largest seizure of this type in the last decade” and it is estimated that the value of the shipment could exceed $600,000.

The Police reported that the operation arose from an investigation that led to the search of the two vans that measured 45 feet and that were in Guaynabo. Rental Park.

The agents seized artifacts with prices between $250 to $300 per piece on the black market, a place where these items are sold because they are illegal material.reported, in written statements, the Lieutenant Ismael Cartagenadirector of the Police Explosives Bureau.

Among the products, batteries were seized that launch over 200 rockets into the air in order to obtain a light show similar to that which occurs with fireworks used at a professional level.

“This is the type of device that harms our pets, our older adults, as well as people with conditions such as autism, and puts the lives of those who use them at risk. Year after year, we carry out orientation campaigns to raise awareness of the effects of illegal fireworks and their consequences. This is not a game. The sale of any aerial or explosive material, without the proper permits and training for its use, carries a criminal penalty, ranging from fines to jail,” stated, through written statements, the Commissioner of Police, the Colonel Antonio Lopez Figueroa.

He Sergeant Carlos Rossy Santanahe Sergeant Luis Cruz Andaluz and the Lieutenant Agustin Crespo They led the investigation that culminated in the intervention.

According to the press release, once the prosecutor in charge of the case authorizes it, the Uniformed Explosives and Public Security Division will seize the illicit material through a process regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The agents will continue the investigation, together with the Bayamon Prosecutor’s Office, for the possible filing of charges against the owners of the shipment.

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