Activate the virtual art auction of the San Juan Art League

Activate the virtual art auction of the San Juan Art League

With some 171 works in various media, created by 114 artists, the virtual art auction “For the Love of the League” to benefit the Liga de Arte de San Juan has established itself as the largest in Puerto Rico in this format.

The event, which is being held online and for the fourth time, started on November 13 and will run until November 22, 2023, through the portal The opportunity to acquire unique works and pieces by renowned artists from the comfort of home and anywhere in the world, through a catalog that allows bids to be made 24 hours a day, becomes the greatest attraction for collectors and fans. Of art.

The virtual platform offers a secure and transparent auction process. Additionally, it makes it easy to make direct donations to the San Juan Art League. This fourth edition includes the media of painting, sculpture, installations, photography, drawing, ceramics, engraving, screen printing and mixed media.

The virtual auction is the highest-grossing main event for the art organization. The proceeds from the works are 50% for the participating artists and the remainder for the San Juan Art League.

“In terms of number of artists and works, it is the largest virtual auction in Puerto Rico. The auction was born in the middle of the pandemic when the artists had their markets closed and it was of great benefit to the artists and to La Liga, because the artist donates half to us. The artists who participate, many of them have a relationship with La Liga and others call us to be part of the auction. That support from the community of artists residing in Puerto Rico is fundamental for La Liga. Virtuality gives us a reach outside the island, in the diaspora and in the US market. Every year we have sent works to the United States,” said Marilu Carrasquillo, executive director of the institution.

Carrasquillo highlighted that the auction represents a great exhibition of art and culture for the country, having a varied artistic offering. The value of each work is imposed by the artist himself. The Art League makes recommendations that the work not exceed the value of $5,000.

“We respect the value that each artist gives to their work. There are works from $50 to $5,000. We always tell the artist to be the one who sets the value of the work and of course, since it is an auction it starts at less, but that initial price is also dictated by the artist. There are some that drop 50%, others 40%, it depends on the artist. Maybe there are artists who are generous and tell us to take the total amount of the proceeds, but the auction is not for this purpose, since we also want to help them. “We are very grateful,” he said.

The executive director is confident that this new edition of the virtual art auction “For the Love of the League” will once again have the support of the people.

“We have no doubt that, as in previous editions, we will have the support of an enthusiastic and art-loving public that believes in the work we do. For the past 55 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the education and promotion of our arts and our artists,” he added.

The Art League offers art workshop sessions for children, youth and adults, as well as a program of exhibitions and a series of community meetings to promote art and culture.

To participate in the auction, people must register and purchase an entry ticket worth $25 through the link The ticket includes a one-year membership to the League and participation in a raffle for gifts, including restaurant dinners, gift certificates and works of art.

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