Adrian Gonzalez will seek to become the PIP senator for the San Juan district

Adrian Gonzalez will seek to become the PIP senator for the San Juan district

A few days after the details of the alliance between the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) and the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), the former candidate for mayor of San Juan for the independence organization Adrian Gonzalez Costa He stated that, in the next elections, he will seek a seat in the Senate through the district of San Juan.

“The circumstances of the country have changed, added to what this project of concerted actions between the PIP and Victoria Ciudadana is going to be. The space in which we can most maximize those experiences that I have had is to aspire to expand the legislative representation of the PIP through the candidacy for the Senate for the district of San Juan”Gonzalez Costa shared, from the community headquarters in Hato Rey.

The announcement of the pre-agreements between the PIP and the MVC also raised questions about who would occupy certain candidacies, which some call “water”, alluding to the fact that they would be asking for the vote for their contender, but they would be part of the ballot to comply with the requirements of the Electoral Code.

Gonzalez Costa recognized that, As a result of that discussion, which has not yet ended, some people asked him about his political future because they thought he would be the one to play that role.but for San Juan.

The professional lawyer clarified that there will only be two people who will occupy these positions, one for the governorship by the MVC and another for the resident commissioner by the PIP, although he did not mention who they would be. This dynamic will not extend to other candidates, such as San Juan, he emphasized, because the electoral law does not regulate a specific town, but rather establishes that there must be at least 39 candidates for mayor for each party.

“The militancy of San Juan, we have determined – and it will be ratified in the assembly tomorrow (Sunday) – that we, to demonstrate to the country how serious and responsible this is, For the first time in 77 years of history of the PIP, we are not going to present a candidate for mayor of San Juan or for its grouped candidacy of municipal that space completely to the partner Manuel Natal for its good results,” said the organizational secretary of the PIP.

The alliance will endorse candidacies for 40 representative districts (20 per party) and 16 senatorial districts (eight per party). Unlike last elections, the PIP will present only Gonzalez Costa as candidate for the San Juan district.

The former candidate for the capital’s seat obtained, in 2016, electoral support of 2.9% (4,202 votes), while, in 2020, he obtained 3.3% (4,021 votes).

In addition to running for mayor, much of his professional career has served as a legislative advisor, beginning in 2013, with the PIP spokesperson in the Senate, Maria de Lourdes Santiago Negron. In addition, he was a municipal legislator during the incumbency of the then mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto, alternate electoral commissioner and legislative advisor of Juan Dalmauand returned, in 2021, to direct the office of the pro-independence senator.

Gonzalez Costa recognized that, this four-year period, more efforts have been made to achieve consensus, given the great diversity in the Legislative Assembly after there was not an absolute majority, which he understands has also created a fertile scenario for the development of the alliance and candidacies endorsed by two parties, like yours.

“We hope that there must be someone there supervising. That vision of what the PIP and other parties are, in terms of what we could represent, is changing, and that is why there is so much acceptance and enthusiasm with this issue of alliance or concerted actions.”, he stressed.

The pipiolo candidate will compete against the incumbents Nitza Moran and Juan Oscar Morales through the district of San Juan, which covers the entire capital city, as well as Aguas Buenas and some regions of Guaynabo.

In the last election, Adriana Gutierrez and Andres Gonzalez They aspired for this position, obtaining 6.8% and 5.6%, respectively. Gonzalez Costa announced that, on this occasion, Gutierrez will aspire to the House of Representatives for district 2 of San Juan and Gabriel Casal Nazarioin the same way, for 5. In addition, he commented that the MVC will send three candidates for districts 1, 3 and 4.

This Sunday, starting at 4:00 pm, the PIP will have a district assembly, in San Juan, to ratify their candidacies for the capital. The MVC will also meet, starting at 9:00 am, at the Tapia Theater, to bring the agreements related to the alliance to the consideration of its members.

If the militancy, which is what has brought this party to where it is today, understands that one must be on a ballot, for me, it is a great privilege,” Gonzalez Costa pointed out.

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