Alana steals Romeh’s salvation and Maripily dedicates a song to Lupillo in honor of Ariadna

Alana steals Romeh’s salvation and Maripily dedicates a song to Lupillo in honor of Ariadna

Participant Alana Lliteras won on Friday night Rodrigo Romeh in “The House of the Famous 4″ so he stole the right of salvation that the leader of the house has.

In the duel called the “Highest Card”, Alana, the youngest participant in the mansion achieved three points in her favor so she now has the important decision of saving one of the nominees. The Puerto Ricans appear on the nomination plate Maripily Rivera and Patricia Corcinoalong with Cristina Porta, Paulo Quevedo, Lupillo Rivera, Aleska Genesis and Geraldine Bazan.

Alana will have the right to save one of them. Monday will be elimination day.

“I said please, universe, I have a good intention with this, I want to win for something good,” Alana pleaded before taking the victory against Romeh.

By stealing Romeh’s save, Maripily’s chances of being saved are slim, since Alana is from the Agua room so she could choose Lupillo, Geraldine or Aleska who are from the same team.

After the challenge for salvation, all the inhabitants shared a Hawaiian party that the production prepared for them with typical Hawaiian food. The atmosphere was one of celebration among everyone.

Maripily, who enjoys the privilege of being in the suite with Romeh, who is the leader of the mansion during this week, took advantage of a song from Adventure group to dedicate it to Lupillo in honor of Ariadna Gutierrez, after being one of those eliminated from the competition.

The model and businesswoman sang part of the chorus of the hit “Obsesion” in reference to the approaches that Lupillo had towards the former Colombian beauty queen and that she did not reciprocate. It was for that reason that he left fourth Earth and betrayed his group.

Aventura released the song in 2002. The lyrics were written by singer-songwriter Romeo Santos and the chorus is performed by female vocalist Judy Santos.

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