Alejandro Sanz invited him to enjoy his concert in Puerto Rico and a fan took it very seriously

Every music fan knows or has been involved in a story related to the cameras that follow the audience at artistic shows. Some have been left in the so-called “friend zone” in front of everyone because of the popular “kiss cam”, others have been discovered in the middle of a prank and some were caught while singing a song incorrectly, despite the fact that they It was about his favorite artist.

This same lens, on the other hand, has captured the most important moments in the lives of many fans and artists: from marriage proposals to the proud faces of parents who see their child shine on stage.

Last night, a similar digital device captured the arrival of Spanish singer and songwriter Alejandro Sanz, who gathered a group of fans at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico. The evening needed no preambles, dress codes or flashy setups. The audience that attended the event had only one objective: to sing until they drop with someone who has sold more than 25,000,000 copies worldwide in his 35-year career.

The 54-year-old from Madrid was not up for eating stories either. Right at 8:50 pm, without waiting for anyone, the “show” began, the first of the second and last part of “Sanz en vivo”. A short, but revealing audiovisual material, showed that the 24-time Latin Grammy winner takes “ajora’os” to men younger than him, as they say. The video, which lasted no more than two minutes, also included a visual tour of the various tattoos that have marked his skin.

The date, which opened with the hit “It’s Not the Same,” was intimate in nature. Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro, given name of the four-time Grammy winner, only accommodated fans up to the main level of the venue.

The gray-haired Spaniard appeared dressed in a pink suit, dark glasses and attitude, a lot of attitude. Some of the audience, mostly women, stopped simply to watch him.

“What I was is what I am” and “I would like to be” prepared those present for the first medley of the night. In fact, after yesterday, Sanchez will visit 11 more cities in the United States to complete the tour that he began in his native land, with 17 sold-out concerts.

Before continuing, the adopted son of the city of Cadiz introduced the band of almost a dozen musicians who made the concert their own as well. “The soul in the air”, “Give me the chair where I waited for you” and “Today it rains” made up the “medley”.

“How are they? All good? Well, Puerto Rico, this is your concert. I love them very much. Enjoy this ‘show’ because it is yours. We are happy to begin the last stage of this tour, but with all the love in the world and, nothing, we are here for whatever they order,” the singer expressed by way of greeting.

Alejandro Sanz, who in his discography has experimented, searched for and accommodated different musical styles, was smiling at all times. However, for the songs “Since when”, “Deja que te bese” and “La Fuerza del corazon” he sang with such intensity that he lit up the atmosphere just like the fire flames that illuminated the digital screen.

One of the wonders of art is that it works to channel emotions and feelings. Something similar happened once the tenor sang “When nobody sees me.” “Puerto Rico, out of the bad,” he exclaimed three times.

Immediately, who has collaborated with music greats such as Camila Cabello, Residente and Nicky Jam, confessed that the following musical number “is one of those songs that I did not write, but I would have loved.” Thus, the audience received the song “Contigo”.

Back to the issue of hidden cameras, a Puerto Rican fan became one of the most applauded of the night after being captured in the middle of the performance. His passion and dedication was so much that the camera, as almost never happens, turned, and struck him out again.

Alejandro Sanz, with a sideways smile, approved of the moment. In the end, the man obeyed his command, he went to enjoy the repertoire.

“Looking for paradise” included the voice of one of the Spanish chorus girls. In the background, images of the original video of the song performed by Alicia Keys appeared.

Just when the intensity levels were at their highest point, “Corazon partio” announced the end of the concert that, although short, gave those present the dose they needed from the artist. On this occasion, the bustling atmosphere that is regularly experienced did not prevail in the stadium dedicated to the arts.

The air that was perceived was different, like romanticism, solemnity and complicity. This type of connection is only achieved when the relationship that exists between both parties is genuine and constant.

The host, who recognizes at every opportunity that his talent is an inheritance from his father, Jesus Sanchez Madero, remained on stage to, acoustically, delight with “Viviendo de hasura” and “Lo ves”. As an act of denial of the idea of ​​ending the show, the star gave away a second medley. In this way, “My loneliness and I”, “And if it were her” and “That last moment” were chanted from beginning to end by the audience.

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