Anthony Colon celebrates 30 years of the success “Hasta el Sol de hoy”

Puerto Rican salsa singer Anthony Colon celebrates the 30th anniversary of “Hasta el sol de hoy” with a world tour, the most successful song of his career because, according to what he told EFE, it is what has kept him active in music since its launch.

Columbus assured in an interview in San Juan that “Hasta el sol de hoy” is, in addition to being a great song, “a blessing from God”, because three decades after recording it, it continues to be a success on the salsa music staff.

The support for the song is so impressive that he has to perform it two or three times at each dance he offers, and it has been demonstrated once again with his current tour, which takes him to Panama this month.

According to Colon, it was in 1993, a year after the musician Edgar Joel and he got together to create a group, that the single “Hasta el sol de hoy” came into his hands, after having released his first album, “En el tope”.

The song was composed by the Venezuelan musician Gustavo Marquezrecently deceased, who at that time -early 90s of the last century- was known for songs recorded by other Puerto Rican salseros such as David Pabon and Hector Tricoche.

Edgar Joel and Colon, for their part, were working on what would be the group’s second musical production, but they were missing a song, since the first song that Marquez offered them, “If she knew”was chosen by the Puerto Rican singer Wichy Camacho.

They urgently needed a song

Colon then contacted Marquez notifying him: “We need an emergency song” to complete the album. It was then that Marquez presented them with “Hasta el sol de hoy”, the title of the album published in 1993.

”Gustavo brought us other compositions, but this one put us in the Big Leagues”Columbus highlighted. The interpreter said that the first time he heard the melody of the song was from a recording made in a ballad by the then young Puerto Rican singer Julian.

Thus, and together with the music producer Ramon Sanchez, Edgar Joel and Colon arrived at a recording studio in Carolina, to transform the song.

Columbus knew that the song would be a success

When he finished recording the song, Colon knew that the song would be successful. In his opinion, what is captivating or contagious about the song is due to the mixture of the lyrics with the musical framework.

”The message is clear and firm. The message is one that many of us identify with, which is one of faith and hope for a love, a friendship or a person who is sick.”reflected the singer, who won several awards for said song.

“And even today’s sun has been a blessing,” assured the interpreter of “En las nubes”, “Hechizo de luna”, “If I had your eyes” and “The night catches me”, among other songs.

The song brought him fame

Colon admitted to EFE that possibly his career would not have been the same without the song “Hasta el sol de hoy”: “Maybe not, because in music you have to be very lucky at the right moment,” he reflected.

In an exaggerated way, he mentioned that sometimes at the table “A thousand songs come to you from everywhere”from which the best are chosen, according to their ear and musical plan.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous song, Colon has a tour of presentations in Latin America and the United States, which last July led him to perform in Santa Ana and San Miguel, in El Salvador, and Miami, Florida.

Likewise, in August he offered concerts at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, at the Teatro La Fama in Chile, and at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, in New Jersey.

”The agenda remains full for the rest of the year,” said Colon, who is preparing to perform on September 23 in Panama.

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