“Anxiety” among Education and Family nominees as they wait for Senate action

“Anxiety” among Education and Family nominees as they wait for Senate action

The designated secretaries of the Departments of Family and Education, Cieni Rodriguez and Yanira Raicesrespectively, acknowledged this Wednesday that the uncertainty in which their nominations remain causes them “anxiety,” at a time when there is no movement in the Senate to bring them to a vote.

“The people of Puerto Rico are watching, right. I can understand those (legislative) processes. Yes, obviously, it does not fail to create a level of anxiety. One says: ‘oh my God, if something happens’. But always with the trust placed in God that what he touches, he touches”Rodriguez commented about his feelings, which Raices shared.

The designated head of the Family assured that she has met – individually – with all the senators “to answer any individual questions they may have.”

“And, again, it’s their responsibility. I do not want to pass judgment on the processes there“, he insisted, during a press conference in which an agreement between both agencies was announced to address the problem of child abuse.

Raices, for his part, stated that he delivered all the documents that were required of him.

At the beginning of October, the president of the Senate, Jose Luis Dalmau, canceled the meetings he had scheduled behind closed doors with both nominees, and expressed that the decision was due to events on his calendar that conflicted with the meetings. However, the senatorial leader has not rescheduled those appointments.

The governor Pedro Pierluisi He indicated this Wednesday that he has not spoken with Dalmau on the issue and that the only thing that remains is for the nominations to be put to a vote in the Senate plenary session.

“That is not scheduled. We are waiting for those two votes to be scheduled,” said the chief executive.

“He (Dalmau) has made his expressions. I have made mine. In my case, what I ask is that each of these two appointments be put to a vote, and I trust that they will enjoy the support of the majority of the Senate“, added the president.

Both officials assured that, in the meantime, they remain focused on their respective jobs.

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