Aracely Arambula assures that Luis Miguel does not see his children and does not invite them to his concerts

Aracely Arambula exploded when the press asked her about Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas, that they experienced a reunion at one of the concerts that “el Sol de Mexico” offered in Las Vegas, because although the actress maintains a very good relationship with the young woman, she does not agree with the singer caring only for one of his three children and He even revealed that Daniel and Miguel have not received any invitation to the singer’s presentations. “When the sun heats up,” so teenagers have lost interest in living with it.

A little over a month after Luis Miguel began his “Luis Miguel Tour 2023” tour, “la Chule” talks about his ex-partner, whom he confessed “he doesn’t like very much” at the moment, because the singer has ignored her. raising the children they share since their relationship ended.

For the actress, it is incomprehensible that the “Sun” takes care of other people’s children, referring to the daughters of Paloma Cuevas, Luismi’s new partner, and does not attend to the emotional needs of her youngest children.

In fact, the singer also announced that her children are aware of their father’s current life, as she said that Daniel and Miguel have wondered why Luis Miguel is present in the lives of Cuevas’ daughters and not in theirs:

“My children did say: “Mom, why did my dad go to pick up this lady’s daughters? I told them: ‘Well, they are our friends’ daughters, they are not to blame for anything,’ they didn’t get angry, they just said: ‘Wow, she does go there, but she doesn’t come to our school.'” said the famous woman in an interview with the media, which attended the “Gaseline” red carpet this weekend.

In this way, Aracely denied the information published in a statement released by Spanish media, where it is stated that she is the one who does not allow her children to see the singer, because she supposedly makes it a condition to be present at said meetings, since She stressed that she would never put an obstacle for her children to live with their father, especially now that they are not children, pointing out that both are already teenagers of 14 and 16 years old.

“That statement that came out is a total lie, he has always had his doors open, they said that I had to be present so that he could see them; To begin with, I don’t want to see his face because I don’t like him very much, right now I really don’t like him, he hasn’t behaved well at all,” he clarified.

He also expressed that his children have no interest in seeing their father today, due to the neglect they have received, ensuring that affection is earned and reaped day by day.

In this context, the actress said that she thought it was very good that Michelle Salas, the eldest daughter, met her father, so she sent a message to the young woman, as well as to Luismi’s younger brother, Alejandro Basteri, asking them that, just as she did at the time, both would advocate for her and her children so that the “Sun” raises awareness and becomes present in the lives of the children they conceived.

“I hope that Michelle and Alejandro, just as I advocated for them, I hope they now advocate for Miguel and Daniel,” he asked.

Luis Miguel’s current partner is his comadre

Finally, she clarified that she is the mother of Paloma Cuevas, however, they no longer maintain any communication, but she did not miss the opportunity to specify that if the Spanish designer was the godmother of one of her children, it was because she was the wife of Enrique Ponce, who was Luis Miguel’s friend:

“I know her very well, if she is my friend, she was at the baptismal font holding my son… she was godmother for Enrique Ponce, because he was a close friend of Luis, and now she is with my friend Enrique’s ex-wife.”

The actress had a relationship with the singer from 2005 to 2009, and conceived her two children who are now all young, who take care of her, in the absence of her father.

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