Beat the heat with these 15 items

Beat the heat with these 15 items

Summer has arrived and, with it, the challenge of beating the intense heat.

Over the past few weeks, the island has received excessive heat warnings for some coastal towns, where HE experienced heat waves reaching 111 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important that people, during these high temperature events, look for ways to keep the body cool to avoid feeling the symptoms of heat stroke, which can seriously affect health.

Therefore, we create a list of products that could help you stay freshfrom fan recommendations to items for your pets.

Fan yourself well without moving your hands

1. Ryobi battery fan

Heat products (Capture)

Among the products offered by the Ryobi brand, this set includes an 18-volt table fan, a 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and the battery charger. The fan has three speeds and the head rotates about 160° from top to bottom. The battery takes about 80 minutes to fully charge. It works very well to combat the heat at home, in the office, on a sports field, while working outside or even in case of a sudden power outage.

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