Camilo groups together to create new songs

The Colombian singer Camilo “He returns home” to compose with new reflections on his marriage and fatherhoodafter having spent more than two years on tour: “I am in the process of rediscovering who I am today.”he says in an interview with EFE.

”(I want to know) who I am now and how it translates into ideas and songs”delves into the author of songs like “Vida de rico” or “El mismo aire.”

After Camilo became one with the sound of his latest studio album “De Inside Pa’ Out,” the singer-songwriter was left with a feeling of creative “emptiness” that he thought he could never fill again. “When I make an album I say, I had nothing left to share, this is the end of my creativity because I had nothing left to share”mentions.

The most precise analogy he finds to explain it is that of pregnancy and the process of detachment that his wife, Evaluna Montaner, had to face after giving life to their daughter together, Indigo.

”Evaluna told me how intense and how strange it was not to have Indigo inside (…) I say this to make a parallel with what I feel with my creativity, that when I manage to deliver and put together everything in that ‘creature’ (a album), it creates a space for me to think, what now?”he comments.

From that September 2022 when his last album was “born” until today, Camilo continued to achieve successes such as a new Grammy nomination in 2023 and continued with a world tour that filled him with cultural experiences and learnings.

A rapprochement with Asia

He also managed to “oxygenate” his inventiveness with collaborations such as “Neither me deben, ni te Deb” in regional Mexican style with Carin Leon, and more recently with “Palpita”, a song where he explored Punjabi pop with the help of the Indian singer Diljit Dosanjh.

“It’s one of the songs that I’ve had the most fun doing because of the creative challenge it represented”says the 29-year-old singer who had been amazed by the instruments of the Asian country five years ago when he visited it for the first time.

Camilo is proud that his followers can hear versatility in his music and he is excited by the union that two artists like them from “such distant universes” managed to achieve.

”I love all the collaborations I have but this one was quite different, I think it’s the most outside the circle of comfort collaboration I’ve done so far”he reflects.

This experimentation left him wanting to continue testing new sonic horizons, as well as all the inspiration that his recent trip to Japan brought him, where he performed at the Summer Sonic festival, which he describes as “the Coachella of Japan” and in which had the opportunity to collaborate with several Japanese artists live.

“After having met Diljit and having made a song like the one we made, it is impossible for me to pick up a guitar again without being wet from it. “When you are open like a sponge, things come and impact you and transform you forever.”he declares.

Other aspects that keep his inspiration fresh are the stories that his followers share with him every time they meet him on the street or on social networks.

”I explore my creativity naturally and freely, but their stories are what fill those songs with color and purpose. I am writing again involving all those feelings that I have collected from traveling so much.”advances without having a close date for the release of a new album.

Camilo also confesses that he is aware that his life is very happy with his wife and daughter, but that does not take away his ability to empathize with “the shadows” of existence that also inhabit their songs.

”It is enough to have had your heart broken once in your life for you to relate to it forever. There is something in one’s heart that will forever remain empathetic with pain and my life has so many colors that I try to make the shadows inhabit the songs so I can not bring them to real life.”ends.

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