Cause for arrest for femicide against husband of 42-year-old woman murdered in Anasco

Cause for arrest for femicide against husband of 42-year-old woman murdered in Anasco

The judge Sinia Perez Correaof the Mayaguez Court, found cause for arrest against Angel Luis Lopez Figueroahusband Nashma Celeste Cornierwho was shot dead last night in Anasco, confirmed the Justice Department.

The togada imposed a bail of $2,000,000 that the accused feminicide could not provide, so he was booked and admitted to a jail in Ponce.

The 50-year-old man faces four charges of femicide, two of domestic violence and one of the Weapons Law, according to prosecutors. Diego Velazquez Fas and Andres Velez Rodriguez, of the Mayaguez Prosecutor’s Office.

The events occurred around 9:35 pm after an alleged argument broke out between the 42-year-old woman and Lopez Figueroa, he explained to The new day the Assistant Commissioner of Criminal Investigations, the coronoel Roberto Rivera Miranda. The man was taken to Mayaguez Court by agents of the Police Bureau for his appearance at the charging hearing.

“It seems there was an argument. They had been married for a year, but they had a relationship (as a couple) for eight years. “They have no children in common.”said the lieutenant colonel.

According to preliminary information, the victim worked at the Edwards Lifesciences factory in Anasco, had no criminal record and is survived by a son.

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Meanwhile, Rivera Miranda specified that Lopez Figueroa He had a SIG Sauer pistol, nine millimeter caliber, and a magazine with 12 ammunition.. The man was granted a weapons license last year, and the gun used at the scene is registered in his name, the officer confirmed.

Lopez Figueroa does not have a criminal record and the Police have not found any complaints filed by gender violence on the part of the victim.

This case represents the second feminicide reported in Puerto Rico in less than 24 hoursafter Mariliz Montanez was murdered yesterday morningFriday, by a customer at the Degetau Store business in Caguas.

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With the crime in Anasco, the number of violent deaths against women rose to 25 so far in 2023, 12 of those cases resulting from an incident of gender violence. Of the total number of women, three were minors.

In contrast, the Gender Equality Observatory -a non-governmental organization that counts gender violence in Puerto Rico- has registered 45 femicides so far this year. Of these, 14 are intimate, one is transfemicide, one is family-related, two are not intimate, three are indirect, and 24 remain under investigation.

Both the Police and the Office of the Women’s Advocate They have tools to confidentially address any accusation or complaint about a pattern of abuse, mistreatment or a situation of gender violence. If you are or know a person who is going through a similar pattern, you can contact the Police at (787) 792-6734 or (787) 343-2020, as well as the Office of the Women’s Ombudsman at (787) 722-2977 .

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