Chef Noelian Ortiz debuts haircut

The chef Noelian Ortizhost of the “Cooking Day” segment of the program “Day to day” of Telemundo He connected tonight to his social networks to be grateful for having been “saved” by a beauty salon.

“Wepa, my people, I hope you are super well. I wanted to talk to you about something that happened to me yesterday. Something happened to me with my hair. I never pay attention to those things, but people did tell me ‘chef, don’t put your hair in a bun so much because your hair might break, or chef, let your hair catch more air’. And I, because of the fact that I’m cooking, I always have it tied up,” he narrated.

Then, Ortiz showed the consequences. With her hair divided into two parts, the chef explained that she had lost more volume on one side, so she suspected she should cut it.

In another video, who recently launched his channel Youtubeappeared on a chair in the beauty salon OM Studio. The only thing she heard, she said, was the sound of the scissors.

“I had to chop my hair. She broke from having her hair tied up so much. I wet my hair and tied it in buns, which contributed to it breaking. Super grateful to Ileine Febo OM Studio by Laura Om who saved me. I love my new style,” she wrote.

Friends, family and followers filled the comments section with praise. Among them, those of his colleagues from “Day by Day” stood out. Victor Santiago, Sylvia Hernandez and Milly Mendez.

A few weeks ago, The new day, spoke with Ortiz about his YouTube channel. In the interview she announced that those who access the platform will find interviews, recipes and restaurant reviews.

“I feel happy and content. It took me a long time (to launch) because we wanted to do it well, we wanted to make a quality project with heart,” she explained for the first time. “Once, a group of students called me because they were looking for up-to-date biographies of Puerto Rican chefs and, the truth is, there were very few,” he added.

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