Congressional doctor comments on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s health

Congressional doctor comments on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s health

Washington— There is no evidence that the recent health episodes of the leader of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnellare due to heart attacks or seizuresthe US congressional doctor declared on Tuesday after a medical evaluation and consultations with neurologists.

McConnell’s office published the doctor’s letter, Brian P. Moanhanat a time when the Senate returns from its summer recess and doubts are increasing about the health of the veteran Republican politician. McConnell, 81, it stopped last week when he was speaking at a press conference in Kentucky and couldn’t answer a question. It was the second time it happened in a month.

“There is no evidence that you have a seizure disorder or have experienced a heart attack, transient ischemic attack, or mobility disorder such as Parkinson’s disease.”wrote Dr. Monohan.

He added that the assessment was made following several medical evaluations including an MRI of the brain and “consultations with several neurologists to obtain a comprehensive neurological evaluation.” The evaluations come after McConnell had health episodes after suffering a concussion after falling a few months ago.

“No changes in treatments are recommended for recovery from the fall in March 2023.”says the text.

After McConnell’s paralysis last week, the congressional doctor allowed the lawmaker to continue with his agenda. McConnell arrived at his office in the Capitol on Tuesday.

However, the episodes have raised concerns among Republican senators and intense speculation in Washington about McConnell’s ability to remain leader of the caucus. The senator fell and hit his head at a political dinner this year, suffering a concussion.

The developments come amid several concerns about the health of politicians in Washington, particularly as COVID-19 cases are rising. First lady Jill Biden tested positive for the virus this weekend; President Joe Biden has so far tested negative.

Still, many Republicans have expressed their support for McConnell, giving the frugal lawmaker a deep source of support. Potential rivals have so far refrained from challenging the senator’s leadership.

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