Daddy Yankee’s brothers and other artists support and admire his conversion to Christianity

Daddy Yankee’s brothers and other artists support and admire his conversion to Christianity

During Sunday night, the Puerto Rican urban exponent Daddy Yankee closed his fifth and last performance of the “La Meta” concert series, which he offered at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, on what he said was the most important day of his life.

The relevance of that function was not only because it marked the end of his musical history forged by the past three decades, but It was the night to express the shocking revelation that after a spiritual void, he was changing his life to give it to God.

Raymond Luis Ayala stated that he feels free and will use the platforms at his disposal to evangelize, which filled the thousands of people who attentively listened to him and applauded him with joy.

Various people from the world of entertainment and the artistic environment, through social networks, made public their expressions about the decision made by the creator of the legendary hit “Gasolina”, which opened the doors to the international market for reggaeton music and which was exalted to Library of Congress National Recording Registry of the United States.

One of his brothers, Melvin Ayalawho is a singer of urban-style sacred music, was one of those who spoke out and let people know about the relationship with God that his brother had already begun to have, prior to making it public.

“Today I feel more proud than ever of what I have kept secret for many years of prayer and when you took the step of being a quiet believer and learning from our Lord Jesus Christ you reached The Goal. “Now we begin a new career, following Jesus Christ our savior.”published Ayala, who was present in the audience.

Likewise, the eldest of the three brothers, Nomar Ayalawho is currently a pastor, had words for the artist’s gesture. @daddyyankee It is from Christ! Thank my Lord! ‘So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things passed away; behold, all things have become new’ 2 Corinthians 5:17 RVR1960”, he highlighted in his publication, while sharing an image of the illuminated drone show in the sky, which the public had the opportunity to appreciate at the exit of the so-called Choliseo. Given the message “Christ is Coming”, he shared the comment “let the world know”.

On the other hand, the urban singer Farrukowho precisely in February 2022 during a concert in Miami asked God for forgiveness for the content of his songs, especially “Pepas”, the most successful of his career, which marked a new stage in his life, clinging to Christianity.

“Glory to God, welcome to the kingdom Master @daddyyankee to the army of true warriors. Now don’t come and put your foot in him like both Christians and non-Christians did to me. Enjoy the process in order and at your own pace, your influence and gifts are a great contribution to the kingdom, don’t let anyone castrate you. Very happy for you my brother, what tough news. Always count on me. Glory to the Father, there is a party in the kingdom. Christ comes”highlighted the voice of “Pasa_je_ro”.

“Ameeeen. This made my year. Now you will see true success,” published the salsa singer. Michael Stuartwho in March of this year began a new spiritual stage in his life, after receiving the sacrament of baptism on a beach in Puerto Rico, accompanied by family and parishioners of his church.

In the publication of the so-called “Big Boss”, other colleagues of the genre responded, among other personalities, such as the actor and lecturer Daniel Habif: “Without a doubt, when you know Christ, there is no choice but to fall in love with Him. The search ends and the most beautiful and greatest adventure begins. “Christ heals us, because time takes a long time.”

On the other hand, singers like Yandel he mentioned: “God must be very happy”; Jay Wheeler he replied: “Amen amen! “Now I admire and respect you a million times more.”; Baby Rastawho accompanied him in a speech during some of his concerts, said: “Amen, Amen. There is a party in heaven.”.

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