Deaths due to catastrophic rains in the Dominican Republic rise to 25

Deaths due to catastrophic rains in the Dominican Republic rise to 25

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic – The report of a new fatality raised the official number of deaths to 25 as a result of the major Torrential rains registered in the Dominican Republic in decadeswhere tens of thousands of people had to be displaced from their homes and the amount of material damage is still being calculated.

According to the latest bulletin of the Emergency Operations Center (COE) in the Dominican Republic, 37,060 people were evacuated to safe areas, of which 965 were housed in shelters and the rest in the homes of friends and family.

So far it is estimated that the rains have affected 7,412 homes, six bridges and eight roads and left 45 communities cut off, while thousands of users saw their electricity and drinking water supply suspended.

Currently, 13 branches of circuits of the electrical distribution company Edeesur are affected, affecting some 396 customers, .04% of subscribers, while the supplier Edeeste reported three branches of affected circuits that do not allow it to serve 12,672 customers or 1.58 % of subscribers.

In addition, 78 aqueducts of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewers (Inapa) are affected or out of service, leaving 1.2 million users without supply.while the outage of four systems of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer (Caasd) continues to affect 364,437 homes and a population of 1.1 million inhabitants.

The authorities are still collecting information on the damage that the tropical phenomenon caused in different parts of the country due to the difficulties of access to some areas.

After a weekend characterized by torrential rains in most of the country, the week is expected to start with a reduction in rain.

However, given the forecast that isolated rainfall will continue to be recorded on Tuesday night over the Central Mountain Range and the Atlantic coast of the neighboring country, seven provinces remain on alert, one at the yellow level and six at the green level.

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