Defense of co-accused for the murder of Hilda Padilla will appeal the admissibility of audios of the alleged “conspiracy” of the crime

Defense of co-accused for the murder of Hilda Padilla will appeal the admissibility of audios of the alleged “conspiracy” of the crime

Bayamon – The defense of those co-accused for the murder of Hilda Padilla Romerocompleted on September 30, 2019 on Los Filtros Avenue, in Guaynabowill appeal the court’s determination that three audio recordings of an alleged “conspiracy” to perpetrate the crime be admitted as evidence.

The three audios, which are dated July 2019, were evaluated by the judge Alberto Valcarcel Ruizwho determined last week that “the Public Ministry can present these audios during the trial process.”

The audios are supposedly from the person accused of being the mastermind of the crime, Keishla Perez Bigio, about the “planning, plan, motive, conspiracy,” the Bayamon prosecutor’s office detailed in the hearing where the admissibility of the recordings was determined.

“We are going to review Judge Valcarcel’s determination, we are going to first ask for the judge’s reconsideration and, if it is not favorable, we are going to go to the Court of Appeals,” lawyer Carlos Beltran, who is part of the defense, explained to the press. Perez Bigio.

Meanwhile, the judge who sees the trial in its substance, Mariela Miranda Reciochose to mark the audios as identification 52 of the Public Ministry, which provides space for the defense to make appeals, actions for which it gave Tuesday and Wednesday off.

The judge’s determination materialized after a request from the prosecutor Gracielys Vega Bermudezwho requested that the audios be admitted as evidence during his interrogation of the agent Igneris Negron Rivera, who works as a digital forensic examiner. The witness maintained that the audios were the same as those she extracted from the LG Stilus phone Luis Gonzalez Martinezconfessed murderer of Padilla Romero.

Vega Bermudez’s request immediately raised objections from the defense, as they understood that the audios had not been authenticated.

“The foundations for the admission of this test have not been laid here. “The relevance has not been established here,” said Mr. Beltran, highlighting that the audios are dated July, when the crime was perpetrated at the end of September. Furthermore, he stressed that the voices in the recordings have not been authenticated.

After extensive arguments, the prosecution chose to request that they be admitted as evidence conditional on the voices being identified, which, they noted, would be done with a witness that they would bring later.

“The court ordered the holding of a preliminary determination hearing, which is what is called rule 109, which was the hearing that was seen before Judge Valcarcel, who listened to the audios, heard the arguments, had the benefit of having the transcript of the preliminary hearing and see the context of those audios and, evaluating all of that, determined that it was admissible and pertinent,” the prosecutor recalled. Carmen Iris Ortiz Rodriguez.

Furthermore, he maintained that “the only condition that we would have to satisfy for its admissibility would be the person, persons or witnesses who can identify the voice.” The prosecutors did not categorically say that the witness who can identify the voices is the victim’s daughter, but they stated that she is one of the testimonies that needs to be presented to the Public Ministry.

During the day on Monday, the interrogation of the parties to agent Negron Rivera was also completed, whose testimony began on October 10. The expert carried out a triangulation of the cell phones used during the police investigation, which are associated with Perez Bigio, Gonzalez Martinez and the co-accused in the case, William Aviles Gonzalez.

In previous days, the agent testified that there were multiple calls that allowed the phones to be located during the day of the murder and that there were multiple communications between the phones that were supposedly used by Perez Bigio and Gonzalez Martinez.

During the cross-examination of Aviles Gonzalez’s lawyer, Edwin Castro, the agent stated that, within her analysis, she could not guarantee that the people who made the calls were the owners of the phones.

Perez Bigio and Aviles Gonzalez face charges of murder, attempted murder and violations of the Weapons Law.

According to the Public Ministry, Perez Bigio agreed to pay $1,500 for the murder of Padilla Romero, the defendant’s stepmother. William Aviles Gonzalez allegedly drove the vehicle from which Gonzalez Martinez shot.

Gonzalez Martinez offered a detailed statement about how he murdered Padilla during the preliminary hearing. However, he refused to continue cooperating with the prosecution in the trial on its merits, so the court allowed, at the request of prosecutors, the reproduction of the recording and classified the man as an “unavailable witness.”

Both are out of jail and under shackle supervision. Perez Bigio paid bail, and Aviles Gonzalez appealed to habeas corpus last year.

According to what emerged in various judicial stages, the conflict between Perez Bigio and Padilla Romero lasted several years and the altercations were increasingly stronger.

The widower of the victim and father of the accused, Juan Perez Colon, accompanied his daughter in room 605 of the Bayamon Court during the hearing. Padilla Romero’s brothers, Jose Padilla, were also there, who recalled the length of the process that he described as “long, difficult, painful and, many times, humiliating.”

“What we want is justice for my sister,” Padilla added.

The trial will continue this Thursday, from 1:00 pm, and the work will extend until late at night, said Judge Miranda Recio.

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