Demolition work is progressing at the Sol y Playa condominium: the wall has already been completely removed

Demolition work is progressing at the Sol y Playa condominium: the wall has already been completely removed

A week after the start of demolition work, part of the structures illegally built in front of the Sol y Playa condominium have already been removed from Los Almendros beach, in Rincon.

According to what was reported by engineer Emilio Colon Zavala, who is in charge of the project that is being carried out by order of the Court, “the wall facing west was completely demolished, also the footing and a large part, such as 80 % of the ‘pile caps’ (top of the piles)”.

Meanwhile, it is expected that, by the middle of this week, the removal phase of the piles buried in the sand will begin, starting with those closest to the water.

“Things have been going according to the contractor’s plan. We hope that, if there is no unforeseen event, that they continue like this during this week,” said Colon Zavala, who was optimistic that they will be able to complete the work in 90 days, as planned.

Although the demolition began last Monday, a week earlier the mobilization of the machinery that is being used for the works had already begun, in addition to the implementation of safety and environmental protection measures, as required by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental (DRNA).

The last stage of this process will involve the restoration of the impacted land.

On February 14, 2022, the Court of First Instance ordered the Council of Owners of the Sol y Playa condominium to demolish the structure, remove the debris and return the affected area to its natural state.

The construction of the recreational facilities, which were devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, was the focus of protests and confrontations with the Police. The demonstrations intensified after it emerged that a hawksbill turtle was stranded in the construction while laying its eggs.

The works were paralyzed by the Planning Board, an entity that sued the condominium owners in August 2021.

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