Dickie Thon relives the hit that changed his life on the Tiempo Extra podcast

Dickie Thon relives the hit that changed his life on the Tiempo Extra podcast

There are stories and anecdotes that make the protagonists excited to tell them again and again, especially those that were pleasant or occurred within the framework of good news.

But what former Puerto Rican baseball player Dickie Thon experienced in the 1984 season, just one year after establishing himself as one of the best shortstops of his time in baseball. Big leaguesis one of those memories that many would like to forget, but at the same time it is impossible to ignore, since it was part of their history.

The new day had the privilege of having a visit from Thon himself on the podcast Extra timeand in the middle of a pleasant chat he relived pleasant and difficult moments before and after the dangerous hit by a ball that fractured the orbit of his left eye and which could have cost him his life.

Listen to the episode here:

Thon had just made history for Puerto Rico a season earlier, in 1983, when together with his teammate in the Houston Astros, also Puerto Rican Jose “Cheo” Cruz, they became the first Puerto Rican players to win the same year the Silver Slugger award, as the best in their respective offensive positions.

About his great 1983 season, what it meant to him to play alongside Cruz, and above all, about the incident that changed his life and career, Thon spoke in Extra time to remember stories that have passed about 40 years.

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