Don Omar reveals how he escaped from prison

Don Omar reveals how he escaped from prison

Don Omar He is one of the most recognized and legendary figures in the world. reggaeton. His songs are an emblem of the 2000s, and part of his musical work has served as inspiration for current representatives of the genre.

In commemoration of his long journey and after a long time, the artist reappeared before the cameras to talk a little about his artistic journey and the experiences that made him become the king of urban music.

In the middle of an interview for the program ‘The fat and the skinny’ transmitted by Univisionthe Puerto Rican spoke about some of the most important events in his life that marked his personality and his character as an artist.

One of those many experiences that marked him for life was that time when he was about to go to prison when he was just a 15-year-old teenager, who had decided to take flight away from his home.

“At that moment when he was outside my home I got into trouble again and I got to a place where no one wants to be at that age, in front of a judge,” the artist recalled.

Although everything seemed lost at that moment for the artist and that at such a young age his destiny would change decisively, the corresponding authority at that time decided to give him a second chance.

The judge established the condition of not imprisoning him in prison as long as he complied with the obligation to attend an educational institution where he completed the last three years of high school, under the supervision of the authorities.

“He told me: ‘You committed this mistake and you seem like a very intelligent man, so I think you can finish the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades in twelve months.’ “You are going to go to a school where every day we are going to monitor that you enter at 7:30 am and leave at 5:30 pm and complete the entire high school course,” narrated the author of “Salio el sol.”

Given his situation, Don Omar confessed that being so young he felt for the first time the commitment to take command and make up for the fault he committed while being responsible for the terms he had to legally comply with to free himself from that episode, from which he still learned and helped him. to be who he is today.

“It was the first time in my life that I had to put all my intention into achieving something that would not mark me for the rest of it. My mistakes throughout my existence have been giving a brushstroke to who I am, and that is why I do not regret them,” the Puerto Rican concluded for the program.

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