Draco Rosa travels through time on his return to the “Choliseo”

Draco Rosa travels through time on his return to the “Choliseo”

With nostalgia hugged to the chest, living in the present and remembering the beauty of the old days, Robi Draco Rosa turned on yesterday, Saturday, the Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot in his “Mysticus” concert.

After six years without performing live on the Island, Draco Rosa imposed itself on a vertical stage, with visuals that mixed the mystical and futuristic, outside of what is commonly used in the “Choliseo”. Without keeping a chronological timeline, and showing the variety of styles that have accompanied him during his career, Draco reviewed his musical repertoire.

“I really missed being with you,” were the first words expressed by Robert Edward Rosa, the artist’s first name, after welcoming the Puerto Rican public with his hits “Mas y Mas”, “Penelope”, “Passion” and “ Lifeless Clown.” With this first block of songs, without a doubt, he warmed up the vocal cords of those who gathered there.

Using a hat, large glasses and a small short cape, giving a mystical feeling to his performances, the singer-songwriter began a musical journey remembering 40 years of artistic career.

Draco Rosa performs at the Choliseo after six years of being absent from the Island’s stages. (David Villafane Ramos)

The show took another turn as the New Yorker removed his hat, glasses and cape, managing to delight the audience with songs that were released at the beginning of 2000, “Dancing in the Rain”, “Noche Fria” and “Lie Without a Lover”.

Although the Puerto Rican producer admitted that navigating his diverse musical career vocally could be a challengeopted to perform hits from his time as part of the band Slight. Likewise, as he usually does in his live performances, he interacted with his fans and made sure they were having a good time throughout the evening.

“God knows my season at Menudo was glorious. Although many people have thrown mud at it. My time at Menudo was incredible. I will always be grateful,” acknowledged the composer.

Using visuals from the time in which he was a member of the youth group along with the impeccable musical performance of his live band, the former member sang legendary songs such as “If You Are Not Here”, “Hold Me” and “Cannonball”.

Despite acknowledging that “to remember is to suffer,” Draco did not skimp on honoring his time as part of ““Maggies Dreams,” American punk rock band, singing “Love and Tears.”

Likewise, the artist celebrated songs that he composed for stars like Ednita Nazario and Ricky Martin by singing classics like “Bigger than Big” and “Living la Vida Loca””. Without forgetting the influence of the Caribbean in his compositions and with the euphoria of the audience present, the multi-instrumentalist continued his repertoire with “Maria” “The Cup of Life” and “Bomb”also popularized by Martin.

Between her peculiar dance steps and the desire to celebrate her songs, the star joyfully recalled the hits “Paraiso Promised,” “Como Me Remember,” “Blanca Mujer” and “ Quiero Vivir .” In this part, which occurred after a brief intermission, Draco was dressed in white.

Furthermore, with “This is life”, “My friends” and “Mad Love” together with a medley of “Mother Earth” and “333″ were sung by the artist to make way for what would be the last series of songs of the night.

With your successes “Tramp” and “Lovers to the End” The spectators continued immersed and enjoying the musical evening offered by the singer.

After emphasizing and raising awareness of the freedom that people have to decide, Rosa landed on her musical journey in an organic and simple way, culminating with “When will it happen” and “In the saddest hours.” In short, he offered his fans what he promised, a musical evening worthy of a four-decade career.

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