Eduardo Verastegui seeks the presidency of Mexico as an independent candidate

Mexico City – The ex-singer and Mexican exactor Eduardo Verastegui He went yesterday to the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico to express his intentions to be an independent candidate for the country’s presidency in the 2024 presidential elections.

I want to change Mexico, this is a fight for Mexico’s freedom and I am convinced that it will not be the same as always, the same old gap, the same old parties, the same old politicians, the same old promises”, Verastegui said in statements to the media.

The photograph of the film producer also circulated on social networks showing his arrival at the INE facilities, since yesterday the deadline expired for those who aspire to an independent candidacy and who express their intention before the electoral authority.

Verastegui, who is identified with far-right politicians, submitted the necessary documentation to register as a candidate for the presidency of Mexico, without any political party supporting him. Since last June, the actor exposed his desire in a video on his social networks to participate in the electoral race for 2024, where he asked his followers to “build the Mexican dream together.”

”Let’s be big dreamers. I do dream of a Mexico that allows God to be the center of our nation. I do dream of the day that no migrant has to leave our country due to necessity or lack of opportunities. I dream of a safe Mexico without violence where parents do not fear for the lives of their children,” he said in that video.

However, the INE will now have to evaluate whether Verastegui meets the requirements to apply and, if so, he will receive a certificate of applicant on September 8. Then he will have to gather at least 1% of the signatures on the Nominal List of Voters in at least 17 states to be an official candidate, that is, about 300,000 signatures. Verastegui has been involved in politics for several years and has always positioned himself on the extreme right.

He is the current leader of the Catholic movement Viva Mexico and has been linked to ultra-conservative parties such as the Spanish VOX.

Additionally, he has been critical of the conservative National Action Party (PAN)’s decision to support Senator Xochitl Galvez, who has openly expressed her support for abortion. Just last week, Verastegui presented her film “Sounds of Freedom” in Mexico. where he ruled out campaigning for the presidency for the 2024 elections despite his attacks on the Government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Until now, two women are officially competing for the presidency of Mexico, as the ruling party Claudia Sheinbaum will face Xochitl Galvez, the candidate of the opposition Frente Amplio por Mexico, although the opposition Citizen Movement (MC) has yet to define its candidacy.

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