Equine therapy services in limbo waiting for the DRNA and the Municipality of Bayamon

Equine therapy services in limbo waiting for the DRNA and the Municipality of Bayamon

The operations of the Carousel Foundationwhich offers equine therapy to patients with functional diversity in the Julio Enrique Monagas Park, in Bayamonremain in limbo, waiting for an agreement to be finalized between the Municipality and the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) that could prevent their forced departure from the place.

“Everything has stopped, they haven’t told us anything again”he said on Saturday Marta Jaraizfounder and director of the organization, when The new day He asked him if he has had conversations with the DRNA or the municipal administration of Bayamon.

Last month, the DRNA informed Carrusel that I couldn’t offer more therapies starting September 14 and that they would have two weeks to vacate. The space was managed by L&R Equestrian Managementwhose contract for the operation of the Equestrian Forest, where Carrusel operated, was canceled by the DRNA through a contract for the use of facilities.

Despite the eviction order, Jaraiz indicated that he has not received any official communication from the individual, which is why he remains in the place. In September, it said that the stoppage of its services would affect between 80 and 100 participants with various conditions who receive therapies each week, from 2 and a half years old to 90.

In interview with The new daythe secretary of the DRNA, Anais Rodriguez Vegaassured that the conversations with the Municipality of Bayamon for the co-administration of the park are “very advanced.”

“The draft of the agreement was delivered to the Municipality of Bayamon and we are waiting for it to be sent to us on our part.”, to conclude this process and, then, begin the process of co-administration of this park,” he explained.

Asked if she has held meetings or conversations with Carrusel – collaterally impacted by the controversy between the DRNA and L&R – about her future, she limited herself to saying that they are waiting for the signing of the co-administration agreement with Bayamon to, “then , to be able to jointly make the decision of who is going to be occupying this space.”

He assured, on the other hand, that there have been visits to the place. Regarding this, Jaraiz maintained that the secretary had visited the park on one occasion, shortly after the publication of a story on the subject in El Nuevo Dia, but “she didn’t look for us or anything.”

Meanwhile, the Bayamon press spokesperson, Migdalia Riverapointed out that the meetings continue and that the Municipality continues to evaluate the proposal sent to it by the DRNA.

Jaraiz mentioned, for her part, that she held a meeting with the vice mayor of Bayamon, but that she has not yet been contacted to meet personally with the mayor. Ramon Luis Rivera Cruzwho thus promised to do so.

In September, the secretary of the DRNA confirmed – in writing – that the agency chose to cancel the agreement with L&R due to “irregularities in the management of the center and for failure to pay the rental fee for almost three years, which contravenes with the conditions stipulated by contract.”

The president of L&R Equestrian Management, Israel Lopez Davila, has rejected the “irregularities” charged by the DRNA.

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