Ethiopian Television will move to a new building in the Gulele area

Ethiopian Television  one of the big state media in the country, which is celebrating its 57th anniversary this year, will be relocating its headquarters from the current location of the National Theater to Gulele.

Following the recent formation of a new government, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), which has been appointed by the Prime Minister as its new Chief Executive Officer, is preparing to relocate from the National Theater to a new building near Gulele Medhanialem General School. EBC has been in use for the past 23 years.

EBC  plans to relocate its staff to the new building in the next 100 days.

EBC staff members protesting the relocation of the office to an out-of-town location make it difficult for the media to reach and report information as soon as it is out of town.

The building, now owned by ETV, was not built for radio and television station, but was commissioned by a senior EPRDF official in 1990. The Coffee and Tea Authority has been asking for the building to be returned to it for years, and months later, EBC instructed by the Prime Minister to return the building to its former owner.