Everything you need to know before adopting a pet

Everything you need to know before adopting a pet

There are a large number of animals that live in shelters or shelters after being abandoned by their owners. And adopting a pet is a second opportunity that we give them to have quality of life and the affection of a family. But it is a commitment and responsibility of all family members.

Regardless of whether it is a dog or a cat, a pet requires dedication, affection, company, effort, discipline and education. Therefore, before taking the step of adopting a pet, the College of Veterinary Doctors of Puerto Rico recommends taking into consideration other aspects such as:

Before adoption You must learn about the care and maintenance of the animal, everything about its diet, hygiene and its special requirements.

Time factor. You must keep in mind that a pet requires daily attention and a considerable investment of time. We must consider whether we have enough time for their basic care such as food, hygiene and exercise, as well as providing them with affection, company, walks and games, combining it with family, work, studies, activities, among others.

economic expenses caused by a pet. Before making the commitment, evaluate your budget. The expenses of a pet can become unsustainable for a family and may result in the abandonment of the animal. Having a pet requires taking care of its diet, preventive care or visits to the veterinarian when the animal needs it. In addition, expenses corresponding to other necessary basic equipment such as beds, toys for entertainment, toiletries, and accommodation in case of travel, among others, must be considered.

Adequate space and housing. Pets need their living space just like people, including their space when they want peace of mind. For example, if you have little space in your home, cats or small breeds of dogs could be an alternative. In the case of dogs, they need a yard or outdoor space to run and exercise.

Inside the home. It is important to make sure to protect the pet from dangerous objects such as cables, toxic plants or small objects. It is recommended to condition the balcony, doors and windows areas to prevent accidents or escapes.

family lifestyle. You must evaluate whether it is compatible with the needs of the pet you want to adopt. Consider the time and energy owners have to devote to the pet. Some dog breeds, for example, are more active and require a large amount of daily physical exercise. Long work hours, study hours, family activities or frequent travel should be considered before bringing a pet home.

Allergies and limitations. If a family member suffers from allergies or a health problem that could be affected by the presence of a pet, it is important to take this into account before adopting. Likewise, some homes or communities have restrictions on having animals, so you should make sure there are no limitations. Adopting a pet will require training so that it does not become a problem for the community. Additionally, neutering should be considered to avoid unwanted litters and further abandonment.

For more information, you can call the College of Veterinary Doctors of Puerto Rico at (787) 520-0237 or access www.facebook.com/CMVPR.

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