Family Department assumes custody of the brother of the infant who drowned in a pool in Aguada

Family Department assumes custody of the brother of the infant who drowned in a pool in Aguada

The Aguadilla prosecutor’s office will be filing charges today against the mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old girl, who drowned in a pool yesterday, in Aguada.

The woman, identified as Jenniska Mary Ramirez Gonzalezwas placed under arrest yesterday afternoon, after the event and the Police investigation process began.

“In the meeting (with the prosecutor’s office), prosecutor Rufino Jimenez established that (charges for) negligent homicide and negligence will be filed”reported Sgt. Benjamin Perez Badillo, of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Aguadilla, who announced that the process would take place today.

The determination to arrest the mother, as reported earlier by the sergeant, came from prosecutor Lindsay Murillo.

For her part, the secretary of the Department of the Family, Cieni Rodriguez Trochereported that said agency took emergency custody of the infant’s three-year-old brother.

“This protective measure is taken while the agency’s social team carries out the investigation”said Rodriguez Troche through written statements.

Earlier, to questions from The new daythe Department of Justice clarified that The determination of the arrest arose because Ramirez Gonzalez was listed as a suspect in a crime related to the death of the minor, although, until now, no additional details had been issued because it was an ongoing investigation..

“The facts of each case and circumstances are unique and are evaluated as such. “Prosecutors make decisions based on facts, evidence and the law.”Joan Hernandez, spokesperson for the agency, informed this medium.

Prosecutors have 36 hours from an arrest to file charges and present them to a judge, who would determine cause for arrest. If these charges cannot be filed within that time, the person is free, although they could continue as a suspect.

The death of the infant was reported yesterday, Saturday, at 2:31 pm on the Nicanor Medina farm, located at kilometer 3.6 of the PR-414 highway in Aguada. The information provided by Perez Badillo is that her mother had just woken up when she realized that her daughter was not in her room. Later, when looking for her, he found her floating in the pool.

The minor was taken without vital signs to the Costa Salud hospital, in Rincon, where the doctor certified her death.

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