FBI links Iranian pilot of hijacked plane to Quds Force

The Argentine justice system is still trying to find out if the Venezuelan plane detained in Buenos Aires has links with international terrorism.

The FBI assures, in a report sent to the judge in charge of the case, that the Iranian pilot, Gholamreza Ghasemi, is indeed linked to the Quds Force, the powerful elite paramilitary arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, defined by the United States as a terrorist organization.

Paraguayan intelligence also accuses the pilot, contradicting the Argentine government which denies the link and assures that he only shares a name with the member of the Iranian force.

Argentina detains the crew members of a Venezuelan-Iranian plane sanctioned by the U.S.
The plane, a Boeing 747 Dreamliner cargo plane owned by Venezuelan Emtrasur, arrived in Argentina from Mexico, after a stopover in Venezuela, with a crew of fifteen Venezuelans and five Iranians. It was unable to refuel in Argentina or in neighboring Uruguay, where it was forbidden to land. The aircraft was detained a week ago at the Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires. The passports of the crew have been withdrawn by the judiciary.

The Argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, stressed last Saturday that there was “no kind of restriction” on the crew of the aircraft.


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