Five reasons that crown Ivy Queen as the undisputed queen of reggaeton

Like a queen bee, Puerto Rican urban exponent Ivy Queen is clear about what she is capable of and her important contribution to the urban genre. Last night, the artist, a native of Anasco, presented the “Killa Queen” concert at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico to a full house.

From hours before the musical appointment, some already predicted what would be lived in the venue located in Hato Rey. Rey Ortiz, her fashion designer, said the public was “not ready” for the show. Likewise, one of those in charge of stadium security stated that “what’s inside (the ‘show’) will be spectacular,” according to what she saw in one of the rehearsals.

Martha Ivelisse Pesantefirst name of the artist, known for her beginnings with The Noise in Puerto Rico during the 90s, she came out to the meeting dressed in yellow. Her microphone, as well as the hand fan she carried with her, were gold, the tone reminiscent of the chromatic aspect of the almost pure gold.

The black parts of the stage fit perfectly with the assembly of lights that, when turned on, recreated a beehive, the place that houses the queen bee. Between shouts, applause and signs of reverence, the public received the empress.

The repertoire, made up of more than 25 of the hits that made the interpreter, 51, the recipient of the Icon Award at the Billboard Latin Music Awardswere interspersed between several moments that confirmed that Ivy Queen is the absolute queen of the urban genre.

Below are some details with which the reggaeton artist confirmed herself as a superstar, a pioneer of the genre and an artist who has built a career that has remained relevant over time.

1. Power of call

The “skies,” as Ivy Queen’s followers are known, had to look like “glam killer divas.” According to the Puerto Rican, the outfits could include hats, glasses, large and striking earrings, handbags, high boots and heels, even “looks” with glitter, transparencies, fringes and mesh stockings.

Needless to say, the majority of the audience opted for at least one piece with the aforementioned characteristics. Others, for their part, called attention to the high level of production.

Jenny, from Las Piedras; Sayeira, from Loiza, and Marlene, from Naguabo, were among the first to arrive and told El Nuevo Dia how comfortable they felt having an assigned dress code. “This way we don’t have to go through trouble thinking about what to wear,” said Sayeira.

2. Believe in forgiveness and second chances

Last February, the multi-award winner’s joy upon learning that Billboard would recognize her career at this year’s “Women in Music” event was tarnished by the photo that radio host Jorge Pabon “Molusco” published when echoing the news. The discord between both figures, however, has been going on for some years.

The photograph made the singer of hits like “Yo Quiero Bailar” and “Dime” feel bad, who called the communicator “disrespectful” after alleging that he used the snapshot in order to unleash derogatory comments about her physical appearance.

Although last August, the graduate of the New Jersey School of Performing Arts finally accepted an interview with Pabon, where the two opened up, last night it became clear that hard feelings are a thing of the past. Through a pre-recorded message full of praise for the urban singer, Molusco had the responsibility of opening the show at 9:50 pm

“Tonight Puerto Rico is going to receive the queen of reggaeton, tonight, Puerto Rico is going to see the horse shine, the diva, the bitch, the mommy who has the tumba’o, the one who paved the way, the one who when “No one believed, she remained focused, and she continued to put in, and little by little she continued walking and today, in 2023 we see that she was not crazy, we see that she was very determined,” the producer explained.

3. Your genuine support for the LGBTIQ+ community

For the past three decades, Ivy Queen has embraced the LGBTIQ+ community through multiple initiatives. Among many recognitions, the Puerto Rican was honored at the Wynwood Pride Festival, in Miami, in 2019.

“We must be versatile, open (to be) a canvas that accepts any color that represents originality,” said the interpreter in statements written at that time.

Last night, “the diva” reaffirmed her support for this population. Just when she performed the seventh song of the night, “The Rock,” a group of ten “drag queens” dressed in black accompanied her on stage. The moment, in addition to being one of the most applauded of the evening, also represented a majestic “show.”

4. Female empowerment as a mission

From the second song of the night, the exponent was in charge of keeping the women encouraged through traditional mentions such as “where are the single women?”

Ivy Queen, likewise, had a surprise in store for the end of the first part of the show. On the giant screen of the montage, for which she did not skimp, the Puerto Rican presenter Dagmar Rivera appeared with a message of motivation to the women and congratulations to the host. She was followed by the actress and dancer Roselyn Sanchez.

“You really are the pioneer, the mother of the chicks. We must take our hats off to such a long, transparent and honest career. “I am super proud of you, to be Puerto Rican like you, and to break it, mommy”he expressed.

The audiovisual work also featured the voice of Paula Pabon, daughter of Molusco; Deddie and Diddie Romero and, a special appearance by the character “Guille”, played by Victor Alicea. The public simply “died “full”.

A very emotional moment was the arrival of the rapper Lisa M whom Ivy Queen invited to sing the famous 90’s song “Shake it up”. “This is how one, as a woman, empowers another. I wanted Lisa to have the opportunity and for people to stop carrying around. We are two different generations, but we are two women who started our own movement. I’m glad you accepted my invitation.”said Ivy Queen.

In February of this year, Ivy Queen received the Lo Nuestro Legado Musical Award for her contribution to the urban genre, to which Lisa M responded through her social networks: “While some and some continue to try to change history, whose was the first, I am preparing myself. Just remember that God never leaves his children in shame. You know, att: The Pioneer. I am the one that without me neither the root nor the twig is born.. The other guest urban music exponent of the night was La Sista.

5. He does not forget his essence

If something characterizes “the filly” it is how proud she lives of the place where she came from. Last night, when she showed up with more than four costume changes featuring intense colors, like red and silver, the exponent said that she left Anasco to live in Bayamon, Carolina and Levittown.

“Do you know what that means? That I became a woman on the street. I had to be a woman before my time to bring my brothers forward and teach them that work is honor. “I had to work washing houses, collecting cans, even asking for money at the light to get my cassette,” she recalled with her family in the front row.

Along these lines, the artist recognized the importance of colleagues such as DJ Negro, DJ Nelson and DJ Playero in her career. If they hadn’t lent him her canopies, she stressed, the world wouldn’t have known her talent.

“Killa Queen” included hits like “Let them cry,” “Dile,” “I have loved you, I have cried,” and “Where did we go wrong?” What if there was twerking? On nights like this it was evident what the Puerto Rican is capable of when the urban genre and one of its main voices come together.

Between Arena and the rest of the levels there was no difference, since the attendees managed to fit in so well that the limitation of space was not an impediment to the sensual and provocative movements of reggaeton.

“It is not the same that the people at home applaud you, that your country applauds you. You can travel the world and nothing replaces your country loving you, applauding you and loving you. I just want to thank you“, voiced by the absolute queen of the genre who also hosted her colleagues J-King and Maximan and DJ Nelson as guest artists.

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