Floods in Mayaguez left landslides, fallen trees and houses under water

Floods in Mayaguez left landslides, fallen trees and houses under water

Heavy rains reported in the central and western areas of Puerto Rico left havoc for residents of that area, especially for people in Mayaguez, while the Municipal Emergency Management Office (OMME) of that municipality is working to address several cases around the island.

According to the director of that office, Epifanio Trabalat the moment there are two cases of flooded houses, landslides and some flooded roads.

“There are still some flooded areas and traffic is being diverted,” said Trabal, specifically the PR-102 highway.

According to the director, conditions are expected to stabilize by tomorrow morning, Thursday, so people are urged to exercise caution if they need to travel through the area.

Weather conditions caused flooding, especially in the town area of ​​that municipality and the Mayaguez Terrace development.

According to Isabel Gonzalez, OMME Disaster Coordinator, Several brigades from that office were dispatched in coordination with the Municipal Police to attend to “multiple floods” and rescue some people who were trapped due to the waters, although they were not in danger..

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