Four members of an alleged gang dedicated to “carjackings” are arrested in Bayamon

Four members of an alleged gang dedicated to “carjackings” are arrested in Bayamon

Minutes after they tried to rob a gas station in Bayamon, police officers arrested four members of an alleged gang dedicated to car theft crimes in the form of “carjacking” in the region of said town.

Through a press release, The Uniformed Police stated that the four arrested, among whom is a minor under 16 years of age, were detained after trying to rob a gas station on PR-862 in the Hato Tejas area of ​​the aforementioned municipality..

According to the police investigation, the attempted assault occurred late last night, Thursday, when those arrested arrived at the gas station aboard a blue Hyundai Venue. Once on the premises, two of the individuals entered the gas station carrying firearms and, by threatening to kill them, forced the employee at that time to give them the money kept in the cash register.

Subsequently, the employee hid without responding to the threat from the assailants, who left the place without taking property, according to the Uniformed Police.

Immediately, units patrolling in the area received the report from the Command Center and minutes later an intervention was carried out with the vehicle described above in PR-2. After a chase, the assailants were detained and arrested in Sierra Bayamon, where three firearms were seized.

The Police indicated that the gang is suspected of “multiple incidents in the area, including three robberies and a carjacking committed during the same night at gas stations in Manati.”

“The gas stations where, previously, the gang committed assaults and carjacking were the Ecomax Box Cantera garage, the Total Garage in the Campo Alegre neighborhood and the Gulf Cantera Garage, all located in Manati”reads the press release.

The investigation of this case is led by Agent Alejandro Rappa, assigned to the Bayamon Robbery Division, along with Sergeant Jackeline Acevedo and Agent Miriam Colon.

The Police urge anyone who has knowledge of these events to provide confidential information through 787-343-2020 and those who have been victims of them to go to the police headquarters or headquarters.

If you know any type of information that could help clarify crimes like this, you can call confidentially at (787) 343-2020.

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