Genera PR urges the population to “moderate energy consumption”

Generate PRthe consortium in charge of the electricity generation system energy of Puerto Rico, urged citizens tonight, Friday, to moderate electricity consumptionespecially during peak hours, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, due to “limitations in generation capacity.”

The consortium, which assumed the operation of the generators of the Electric Power Authority (AEE) on July 1, indicated, through a message on the social networkand that they will work over the weekend to reactivate it at the beginning of next week.

The message did not offer details about the type of repairs being carried out.

During the night, the service status portal that manages LUMA Energythe consortium in charge of the energy transmission and distribution network, registered up to some 34,000 subscribers without electrical service, mostly concentrated in the San Juan service area.

At the time of publishing this story, the number of customers without service was at just under 5,000.

Meanwhile, the Genera PR portal that shows the total generation of the island’s plants showed a total generation of 2,868 megawatts (MW), an available capacity of 2,883 MW, a rotating reserve of 36 MW and an operational reserve of 38 MW.

At the time of publishing, Genera PR expected a demand for the next hour of 2,881 MW

This morning it was announced that Genera PR is already raising the need for the government to extend the 10-year contract signed between the parties.

The statement, made this morning by the company’s spokesperson, Ivan Baez, emerged during his participation in a round table with representative Victor Pares, who was assigned by the minority of the New Progressive Party (PNP) in the House of Representatives to follow up on issues related to the reconstruction of the electrical system.

Also participating in the round table were executives from LUMA Energy, in charge of the transmission and distribution system, and the executive director of PREPA, engineer Joshua Columbus.

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