Get to know the five rarest diseases in the world

Get to know the five rarest diseases in the world

The diabetesthe hypertension or the asthma These are diseases that we are already familiar with and that surely someone in our environment suffers from. But in the world there are conditions so rare that even medicine is unaware of their existence. The media ‘Medical News Today’ showed five unusual diseases.

In the healthcare field, orphan diseases, also known as rare diseases, present a significant challenge to both medical research and healthcare delivery.

According to the portal of the ‘Ministry of Health and Social Protection’ of ColombiaWorldwide, between 6,000 and 7,000 of these conditions have been identified. Each of these diseases affects a small number of people compared to other, more common conditions.

These are some of the rarest diseases in the world, according to ‘Medical News Today’.

Autobrewery syndrome

Most people experience drunkenness after consuming alcoholHowever, there are those who suffer from intoxication and hangovers without having consumed alcoholic beverages. This rare condition, known as autobrewery syndrome either intestinal fermentation syndromecauses the production of ethanol in the intestine after consuming food high in carbohydrates. The main cause is an excess of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which ferments carbohydrates and produces ethanol.

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