Gisselle shares a nice story with a heron she rescued in Pinones

Less than two weeks after presenting his show “Entre tacas y songs”, at the Puerto Rico Convention Districtsinger Gisselle Ortiz He set out to rescue a run-over heron while traveling on the highway from Pinones to Loiza.

Half jokingly and seriously, he shared his story with his followers through his Instagram account, about the animal’s condition, its behavior, what it had ingested and even the name he gave it.

“A car had just hit her and I didn’t have the heart to leave her lying in the middle of the road at the mercy of being run over when, despite her injuries, she was super alert. I JUST COULD NOT DO IT! I threw a blanket over her and put it inside a box that she just happened to have on the bus. The same box where on the way home he vomited 1 iguana and 4 lizards. Of which I put 2 in the new box. Then I was even more moved because apparently he has the same appetite as me. Anyway….I already named it. It’s called Vida Aleticia and I want to take it to Coca Cola. I don’t know if she is a female but since they don’t call her garzo, well… She will be a girl. She knows… Don’t tell me anything… “She said with her characteristic sense of humor, who began to be named by her followers as” Mrs. Doolittle”, in reference to the iconic character Dr. Doolittle, a veterinarian who is able to talk to animals.

Apparently, that is customary in the voice of “What is mine is mine,” who was “thrown in the middle” by her friend and comadre, the presenter. Angelique Burgos “Burbu”who urged her to tell the full story about the event.

Tell the full story, that you almost rescued a pigeon too, Mrs Dolittle, and that you left the mulanzero run over by the heron. I hope that on the day of the concert you don’t find an injured gongoli on the way because we were all screwed. I love you pancha heart of gold”said the radio host of the morning program “El despelote” on La Nueva 94 FM with a laugh.

Likewise, this afternoon the merengue singer gave an update about Vida Aleticia, whom she said goodbye to along with her sentimental partner, by handing her over to the Vigilante Corps in Pinones, so that she can receive proper care and recover.

“Today I said goodbye to Vida Aleticia because we handed her over to Officer Juan Medina of the Vigilante Corps in Pinones. There they will put her in the hands of a biologist who will be in charge of her care and recovery ❤️‍🩹. I think we did, @aldua8 and I our work of the day. Something we never hesitated to do and give it a second chance. Someone recommended that I change the name of the show “Entre Garzas y Canciones” after it. but at @tmentertainment1’s office they didn’t approve it because we couldn’t get some 👠 that would work for him. Hoping to God that he will soon return to his habitat! LIFE ALETICIA YOU’RE GOING TO BE WELL!”, Communicated the artist, who will be celebrating her 30-year career at the concert.

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