Gricel Mamery is the second eliminated from Wapa Television’s “Super Chef Celebrities”

Gricel Mamery is the second eliminated from Wapa Television’s “Super Chef Celebrities”

San Juan – The competition of kitchen place of Wapa Television, “Super Chef Celebrities”, has allowed its participants to connect in a different way with their audiences. Given this, it is not surprising how the competition’s followers reacted after the presenter’s elimination was announced. Gricel Mamery.

Tonight, the actress also failed to overcome the challenge of “the stove” and had to say goodbye to the kitchen. Mamery had to cook fettuccine pasta with clams.

“Well, my dear friends, now it’s my turn. I really didn’t imagine that I was going to leave so soon, but so soon. I have good memories of my colleagues, we really did such a nice ‘bonding’, the judges, I adore them,” the communicator began.

In her farewell message, the entertainer stated that she learned to prepare new dishes and that she takes away “nice and good things.” Mamery added that she hopes to be invited to upcoming shows to “at least try everyone’s food.”

Many came to the social networks to express their feelings regarding the comedian’s elimination. Most of the comments were positive and assured that she would miss her presence in the studio.

“I didn’t want him to leave”, “Dito, what a shame Gricel is leaving” and “Franco, where is he leaving?” In which Wapa program? He has made me laugh a lot. It’s my first time watching the program. They should bring better machines. What a shame that Gricel left,” were some of the comments from the audience.

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