“Guaraguao Security” finally graduated from the Caguas Fine Arts Center

“Guaraguao Security” finally graduated from the Caguas Fine Arts Center

Since his debut on the show comedy of Telemundo “Raymond and his friends”the segment “Guaraguao Security” became one of the audience’s favorites. The 15 sold-out performances of the theatrical “show” “Eljura de la macana,” whose premiere occurred on Friday night, demonstrate this.

Immediately, ticket sales were announced for the show, which took place at the Caguas Fine Arts Center, fans of the particular security guard academy assumed that laughter would be guaranteed from start to finish. In the social networks During Tony Mojena’s production, the distinctive phrases of characters such as “Carmin”, “Octavio” and “Rosita” began to be repeated, which confirmed that the audience was ready for the transition from the segment from the screen to the stage as happened with “Men and the City.” The three characters are played by Sara Jarque, Raymond Arrieta and Joealis Filippettirespectively.

The rest of the actors that make up the comedy step are Jasond Calderonwho plays “Torres” the stutterer, Miguel Morales “Pollito”, a user and trafficker of controlled substances, and Rene Monclova, who embodies “Junior”, the lambeye.

At 9:00 pm both floors of the Creole venue were filled to capacity. Third call, and the first surprise of the night appeared. A pre-recorded video located those present in the lobby of “Guaraguao Security.” The actor Carlos Vegawho became “Milton, The Lender” was in charge of receiving the main cast.

Vega’s character was the one who put together the problem of the plot of the “show” that lasted two and a half hours. “Capitana Quintana”, “Octavio”, “Carmin”, “Rosita”, “Manolo”, “Pollito” and “Junior”, in order of arrival, were on “Milton’s” “list of culprits”. That is, they owed him large sums of money.

Live and in full color, “Captain Quintana” appeared, (Lizmarie Quintana), who didn’t even look happy because she was in another environment. The actress appeared next to the blonde Norwill Fragoso who, although not part of the original cast of the segment, was key in the script written by Miguel Morales.

“Captain Sanchez”, a role played by Fragoso, will go down in history as the first person to face the fearsome “Captain Quintana”. A discussion between the two where, finally, the Puerto Rican slang was heard in all its splendor, caused the curtain to rise and the academy’s official anthem to play.

“Guaraguao Security” is the last segment that is broadcast every Tuesday in the nighttime slot of Channel 2. This gives the comedians the freedom to resort to off-color vocabulary and jokes, since, at that time, they are supposed to the children are sleeping.

Precisely, the moments of laughter and applause tonight occurred when “Rosita” let out some “neta” (fuck) due to the Gilles de la Tourette syndrome that she suffers from, in “Octavio”’s attempts to seduce “Carmin” or the many times that the latter took advantage of “Rosita’s” innocence.

“Bruno and Chicho”, the dogs from “Junior”, (Rene Monclova), as well as the state of intoxication of “Pollito”, (Miguel Morales), who “smoked” in public, also led to the longest periods of laughter. Everything fell silent when the visit of “The Detective”, played by Jorge Castro and “Commander Topito”, personified by Abraham Martithey broke into the review for the final exam of the class.

“Milton” was found dead and the suspect was in that room. Thus, just days before the expected graduation, all the members of the class, including “Captain,” were summoned to be interrogated at the barracks.

For this point in the piece, the house lights came up for a 15-minute intermission. Upon returning, another video full of surprises was shown.

The producer and announcer Jorge Pabon “Molusco” He appeared as the owner of the gym, where “Octavio” trains and the merengue singer Gisselle Ortiz and the presenter Angelique Burgos “Burbu”turned out to be “clients” of “Rosita”.

On the other hand, the former governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla He lives in the same community as “Junior” and walks his dog at the same time as the character. Pamela Noah and Ivonne Orsiniwere portrayed in a “full encounter” with “Manolo”, who works as a security guard at Telemundo.

Until “Mayimbe”, a role played by Herbert Cruz, had its place in the audiovisual. The Dominican had an altercation with “Torres” that almost ended in a fight. The one who did take a tremendous “beating” was the female boxing champion Amanda Serranowho made the serious “mistake” (insert voice of “Carmin”) of messing with “Rosita’s” admirer.

Immediately afterwards, the curtain rose for the second time, and the interrogation began. This, perhaps, may have seemed like the longest part of the “show.” In addition to laughter, a subject in which the team led by Arrieta has more than approved, this moment served for each one to demonstrate the acting quality of which they are made.

It is forbidden to forget when “Captain Quintana” lost control during the interrogation. Likewise, “Rosita” and her panic attack in the waiting room made more than one person’s skin crawl. Thank goodness “Junior” was there to make people laugh with her canine anecdotes.

Monica Pastrana, who like Fragoso, is not a member of “Guaraguao Security”, also had her place in the work. The former competitor of “Our Latin Beauty” of Univision She played the character of “The Psychologist.” Although short, her participation was also important.

Thanks to the slender woman, “Carmin” took his foot off “Rosita”. Pastrana also relived her time on the beauty pageant stage. Although several years have passed since her participation in 2009, the actress showed that she never forgets what she has learned well. Her catwalk was her catwalk.

Finally, the results of the Institute of Forensic Sciences. The death of “Milton” was a total accident with a quenepa, so the members of “Guaraguao Security” were able to continue their normal lives, just in time for graduation.

Before the big day arrived, a third video was broadcast. In this short footage it was revealed that it was “Junior”, with very good faith, who gave “El Lender” the punishment of misfortune. In fact, the now-graduated security guard witnessed the fateful moment, but misunderstood it as a “mockery.”

The graduation of “Guaraguao Security” was simple, but emotional. After so much time, mistakes, attempts and a lot of perseverance, the comical characters achieved it. They all ended up dressed in red togas and with the long-awaited baton in their hands. Although, now that I think about it, they were never sworn in!

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