Haiti insists on the importance of dialogue to overcome the conflict over water use with the Dominican Republic

Haiti insists on the importance of dialogue to overcome the conflict over water use with the Dominican Republic

Prince Port – The Haitian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, insisted yesterday, Friday, on the importance of dialogue to resolve the crisis that arose with Dominican Republic following the construction by Haiti of an irrigation canal on the Masacre River, the natural border between both countries.

Haiti’s position was announced in a statement after a meeting between the Haitian Foreign Minister, Emmelie Prophete Milceand the Dominican ambassador in Port-au-Prince, Faruk Miguel Castillo.

“After exploring with him (Castillo) the various facets of the crisis derived from the resumption of canal works on the Masacre River, we finally agreed with Ambassador Miguel Castillo that Only through dialogue can the two countries find a lasting solution to this dispute.“, reads the official note.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the population that, after the implementation of the Dominican president’s threats, Luis Abinaderto close the land, air and maritime borders with the Republic of Haiti, which led the Haitian delegation to end the bilateral negotiations underway in Santo Domingo, Ambassador Castillo has been summoned to give explanations about this unilateral decision.

The Haitian Foreign Minister stated that in the meeting she made clear the “disapproval of the Haitian Government of these disproportionate measures, which will have a negative impact on relations between the two countries.”

Haiti also expressed “its concern for the safety of Haitian nationals in the Dominican Republic and asked the Dominican ambassador that his Government take all measures to protect them.”

On Friday, the total closure of the borders with Haiti began, as ordered by President Abinader, who described the construction of the irrigation canal as a “provocation.”

The measure will be extended “for as long as necessary for that action, that provocation, to be eliminated.”said the Dominican president, referring to the channel that, in his own words, is being run in an informal and artisanal manner.

In addition, nine Haitians were banned from entering the country, including former officials, former legislators and the considered “sponsor” of the controversial channel, Camiel Samson, and the Dominican Civil Aviation Board announced the suspension of all air operations. cargo and passengers to and from Haiti.

Given these actions, Haiti defended its sovereignty over the exploitation of its natural resourcestherefore, “like the Dominican Republic, with which it shares the Masacre River, it has the full right to capture (water intake) there, in accordance with the (bilateral) agreement of 1929,” a text to which the Dominican authorities have alluded at all times to point out the illegitimacy of the works.

Abinader said this Friday in Cuba, where he participated in the G-77+China summit, that the new border conflict with Haiti is due to “a group of anarchists who seek to destabilize the Government” of the neighboring country.

“This reflects the lack of action by a strong central government when anarchic groups make decisions to create a channel for private groups,” declared the president in a meeting with Dominican and international media on the sidelines of the summit.

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