Hamas says it plans to free hostages of “different nationalities” kidnapped in Israel

Hamas says it plans to free hostages of “different nationalities” kidnapped in Israel

Jerusalem – Abu Obeidathe spokesman for the al Qasam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamasstated this Monday that they are going to free some of the hostages of “different nationalities” that has been retained in the Gaza Strip.

He stated that those kidnapped people, in reference to foreigners, are considered their “guests” and that they will be released when “the conditions on the ground” are met.

“Because we have nothing against them”said Abu Obeida, although he warned other countries that if they help Israel they will consider these hostages like the rest of the hostages who are Israelis.

He stated that the Al Qasam Brigades has 200 hostages in its possession and that other militias have around 50.

Israel reported this Monday that it has notified their families of the identity of 199 kidnapped by Hamas and other Palestinian militias in Gaza, Army spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed.

Israeli forces have launched intense bombardments on the Strip in the last ten days, in which at least 26 Israeli hostages have reportedly died, according to Hamas, although it did not provide evidence of this.

The spokesman also reported that at least 22 of those kidnapped have been killed by Israeli bombings.

Palestinian militias have demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in exchange for the return of hostages in the Strip.

Hamas also released the video of one of the hostages, a girl who identified herself as Maya Sham, 21, who said that they were treating her well and that they gave her medication, while asking that she be released as soon as possible.

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