Hunter Biden claims to be the victim of a harassment campaign: “They are trying to kill me”

Hunter Biden claims to be the victim of a harassment campaign: “They are trying to kill me”

Washington – Hunter Bidenson of the president of USA, Joe Biden, He said this Friday that the attacks he receives from sectors of the right are aimed at killing him and destroy his father’s presidency.

“It’s not about me. Deep down, what they are trying to do is try to kill me, knowing that it would be a greater pain than my father could bear.”, he stated in an interview in “Moby Pod”, the podcast of the American musician and friend of his Moby.

“They are trying in the most illegitimate, but rational way, to destroy a Presidency,” he added.

Hunter Biden defined in this way the campaign of harassment in which he says he is the protagonist due to his legal problems and his addictions since his father ran and won the elections to the White House of 2020. In his opinion, this campaign aims to make people relapse into drugs.

“They decided that the only way they could undermine my father’s confidence and his ability to continue campaigning and move forward – particularly after my brother’s death – (was) thinking that I could lose the son I had just recovered from an almost certain death due to addiction”, he insisted.

Moby and Hunter Biden met in a drug addiction recovery program and have maintained a friendship for the past three years.

The interview was recorded prior to the accusation he received this Thursdaywhen federal prosecutors opened a new criminal case against him for tax crimes.

Hunter faces nine charges including non-payment of taxes and false or fraudulent tax returns, according to the indictment filed in federal court in The Angels, California.

Specifically, prosecutors They accuse him of not paying approximately $1.4 million in federal taxes over a period of four years: from 2016 to 2019.

Hunter Biden, the Prosecutor’s Office points out in the 56-page document, “spent millions of dollars on an extravagant lifestyle instead of paying his taxes”.

Hunter Biden was already charged in September three other crimes for the illegal purchase and possession of a weapon in 2018after years of investigations against him for this case and for irregular tax returns.

The charges against the president’s son are the result of an investigation of Justice Department which opened in 2018 during the Government of donald trump (2017-2021)now a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2024 elections to the White House.

The businesses of the presidential family and especially of Hunter Biden They have been the target of attacks by Republicans for years.

In Hunter’s case, furthermore, The criticism has acquired a sensationalist tone due to a period of drug addiction that the president’s son went through.of which hundreds of photographs have been leaked.

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