“I am not going to resign”: Ilka Rios assures that she will present “the truth” after opposition to her appointment in Medical Sciences

“I am not going to resign”: Ilka Rios assures that she will present “the truth” after opposition to her appointment in Medical Sciences

The doctor ilka rios assured on Friday morning that she will not resign from her position as rector of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR).

Likewise, he indicated that there is an “exculpatory” report of the allegations he faced for having improperly intervened in the evaluation of a student, which has been the main reason for the claims by members of the university community to withdraw his appointment. .

“I’m not going to resign,” said Rios in a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 AM). He added that “a resolution was thrown out by the students that did not include an exculpatory report that the interim rector (Carlos Ortiz) had hidden in a drawer so that it would be negative for me.”

The rector pointed out that “in that report, Ms. Maritza Miranda, a highly respected person, indicates that there is nothing for which I can be blamed in terms of the general regulations of the UPR to lead me to a disciplinary process.”

“That report was hidden. I am not going to say for what reasons, but I understand that it was so that I did not have access to that exculpatory tool,” he said.

According to Rios, the resolution circulated by the campus students “does not represent the majority of the student body.”

He maintained that in that resolution “they distort and ask for responsibility for things where I was not there, such as the discrediting of Neurosurgery.” Said program lost its accreditation on June 30, 2022

“Yesterday, at the Senate meeting (of the precinct), that report was released. In fact, the meeting flowed in an extraordinary way, very respectful, there were no assertions against me. The conclusion of the report was read there, so the student representatives who were there knew of the existence of that report,” he noted.

He stressed, however, that the students’ resolution “only includes phrases taken out of context from another report and discrediting things that have nothing to do with my work history.”

“The campus is not in danger of losing any accreditation or programs or institutions,” he added. “Everything is false”.

Rios indicated that today, at 3:00 in the afternoon, he will carry out a presentation “the trajectory and the true things that are in issue here”.

“There are violations of federal law, because the report of my case has the academic record, with photos, Social Security number, evaluations from before entering the student campus, and it is not supposed to be shared with anyone,” he explained. .

He pointed out that “the custodian of my investigation file had given it to them – and I have it all in letters, from the president of the Governing Board and the president of the UPR – they had given it to them with specifications that they could not share it with anyone. Professor Carlos Ortiz Reyes, the interim rector”.

However, he maintained that other people had access to the report.

“That is a serious violation and it is a federal crime,” said Rios. “Now we are going to know the truth.”

After emphasizing that she will not resign, the doctor stated that “they have to listen to me at the Governing Board. Other people have been listened to and decisions cannot be made without having all the information, a 360 degree evaluation of a issue”.

He assured that “today they will have the opportunity to see other elements in accusations that have been tried to pour only on me.”

The public meeting mentioned by Rios had been previously announced by campus students earlier this week, announcing that they would hold a demonstration against her appointment as rector.

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