“I go in search of the coqui” returns to the scene and with new plans for 2024

“I go in search of the coqui” returns to the scene and with new plans for 2024

After the success of the children’s work “I’m going in search of the coqui”, the production house will bring it to the stage for the second consecutive year, it will seek adapt it to deaf children and also, there will be a second part, titled “Iro and the Puerto Rican Parrot.”

The original piece is intended to educate children about respect and love for nature. flora and fauna and is produced by Eric Jomar Garcia of Pazos Media Group and comedian Danilo Beauchamp.

The development of the work focuses on Iro, a Taino Indian who lives in the mountains of El Yunque, where Nemesis Garcia, director of the work, explained that “Iro is tasked with protecting El Yunque and saving the coqui from another character, El Mal.”

The work has original songs written for it, and Garcia indicated that “the children sing with the different characters and it is also an interactive work.” He added that “the children help Iro protect the coqui, which is very nice to see how they integrate into the play and with the characters.”

Iro, the protector of El Yunque and La Maldad. (Supplied)

For the teachers, Iro has an activity book and educational plan, which allows the theme to continue and “what was learned in the piece can be followed in the classroom, and both the activity book and the educational plan are reviewed by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico,” he stressed. The work is captured in a book of stories, which teachers and families can purchase from the production company’s Facebook page.

The play, written by Eric Jomar Garcia, features students from the Specialized School of Fine Arts of Humacao, students from the UPR of Humacao and Universidad del Sagrado Corazon as actors in the piece. “Not only do we have students as actors, we have young students from the school directing the piece,” he added.

The next school performances will take place at the Yaguez Theater, in Mayaguez on November 27 and 28. The cost for students is $10, and teachers get in free.

Besides, They have the desire to adapt the piece for deaf childrenbecause “our interest is that all children feel identified in different ways, but it is necessary to address the issue so that teachers, students and other family members are understood,” Garcia highlighted.

The second part of “I go in search of the coqui” hopes to be presented next year. “Iro and the Puerto Rican Parrot” expects to begin his duties in February 2024. This also has the endorsement of the Education deparmentand “we are going to touch on the topic of special education children, specifically autism, since we have an autistic character,” highlighted the director.

“I’m Going in Search of the Coqui” began performing last school year and had 14 performances throughout Puerto Rico. It had a participation of 4,394 students from pre-kindergarten to third grade. With this year’s performances, they hope to impact between 5,000 and 6,000 students.

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